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Le Sucre Lab's New Dreamcake Is Made For Coffee Fans

Hurry, it's only available this weekend.
It's been a long time coming, but, finally, there's a Le Sucre Lab Dreamcake made for coffee fans. If you consider yourself infatuated with the taste of espresso or if you simply can't get enough of caffeinated desserts, then the limited-edition Classic ...

Le Sucre Lab's Limited Edition Dreamcake Is Made With Dark Chocolate!

It's available for THREE days only!
There's a Le Sucre Lab Dreamcake made for you: For mango fans there's the Mango Dreamcake; strawberry fans have the Strawberry Dreamcake, banana lovers have the Banana Caramel Mush Dreamcake, chocoholics have the signature Chocolate Dreamcake. But if you love dark chocolate as much, ...

Get Your Dreamcakes: Le Sucre Lab Has A New Store!

This is a dream come true!
Easily one of the most popular desserts of 2018 was the Dreamcake, a tin-can cake created by Le Sucre Lab. They first became known for their Chocolate Dreamcake, a gooey chocolate cake with a generous layer of ganache and dusting of cocoa ...

Le Sucre Lab's New Dreamcake Has Layers Of Fresh Strawberries!

Send this to your SO, ASAP!
There’s nothing wrong with gifting your beau a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day. But if you want to take your date night to the next level, include Le Sucre Lab’s new Strawberry Dreamcake on the agenda. The Strawberry ...

You're Not Dreaming: Le Sucre Lab Has A New Mango Dream Cake!

You should definitely give this a try!
From the same makers of one of the most popular chocolate dream cakes and the festive Bibingka DreamCake, Le Sucre Lab now added a dreamy treat with well-loved fruity notes. Meet the Mango DreamCake! Get your spoons ready, mango fans! Le Sucré Lab’s Mango DreamCake has chunks ...
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