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All The Ways You Can Cook Kangkong

This local spinach is a delicious and versatile vegetable.
Spinach has become more popular and more readily available in the past decade, primarily because of the cheesy spinach and artichoke dip that was so popular. However, many people didn't know at the time was that we already have a local spinach, a leafy ...

These Recipes Make Eating Veggies Exciting

Better believe it: even kids will love these veggies!
If you’re having a hard time eating your required veggies daily or have kids who aren’t fond of them, it might not be the veggies. If you’ve been using the same veggies for a while now, might we suggest it’s time to ...

Creamy Spinach Pasta Recipe

This pasta is loaded with leafy greens!
To make this spinach pasta dish, use fresh spinach and asparagus when in season. If they are not in season, you can easily substitute these two ingredients with canned or frozen versions. ...

Tip of the Week: How to Keep Leafy Greens Fresh Longer

Say no to sad and wilted greens!
Don’t let your greens go to waste! Exposure to air and moisture will cause vegetables to deteriorate faster than usual, so the key is proper prep and storage. What to do: Wrap unwashed leafy greens in a paper towel, then place them ...
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