Leche Flan Puto Recipe

This recipe is a combination of two Filipino desserts: leche flan and puto.

Leche Flan and Macapuno Pie

Leche flan takes on a different yet equally delectable form in this wonderful pie!

These 4 Leche Flan Desserts Will Make Your Day

You won't be able to resist these dreamy custard concoctions.

WATCH: This is How You Make Creamy Leche Flan

This egg-and-milk custard dessert is actually pretty easy to do!

Leche Flan Recipe

This leche flan version is baked, not steamed.

How to Make the Perfect Leche Flan

All it takes is a little bit of love and quite a bit of practice to perfect this Pinoy dessert.

Custard Cake Recipe

Chiffon cake and custard comes together beautifully in this indulgent treat.

Leche Flan Cake

Here's a two-in-one treat you will love: a rich cake topped with leche flan, a Pinoy classic dessert.
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