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5 Ways To Make Lechon Paksiw Recipes

Here are the basics plus a few ideas on how to make it super tasty.
The lechon paksiw is the ultimate leftover recipe. You could say that this recipe is the result of trying to make use of every part of the lechon into a new meal. A lechon after all is not cheap, and it's a genius way of making sure ...

How To Cook Lechon Belly In The Oven

The belly is the ultimate pork cut to roast.
Crispy pork heaven can be achieved at home! If you are wondering how you can do this in the oven instead of the stove, you might be wary of the dreaded talsik or oil splatter. That's fine and the good news is that ...

Make Your Lechon Baboy More Flavorful with These Seasoning Ideas

Lechon can taste even better!
Lechon baboy is the most popular food at any celebration but occasionally, you want something that will wow you with its flavor. You do not need to make your lechon baboy recipe complicated. You can use a simple salt and black pepper seasoning to ...

WATCH: How To Make Lechon At Home

These tips will come in handy for the best lechon you'll make at home.
Are you thinking about making lechon at home this Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner? If you are, you will want to be armed with these tips and tricks to cook the best lechon. Know what it takes to make it right, including ...

All The Ways You Can Make Lechon Baboy This Christmas

Cooking pork, lechon-style, is the way to cook and serve it for the holiday table.
Birthdays and celebrations are commonly graced with the lechon baboy, an impressive presentation of whole pork roasted on a spit over red hot charcoal. The famous versions always have thin, crispy skin and succulent meat underneath. That's why when Christmas comes around, lechon baboy is just as ...
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