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This Tray Of Litson Baka Has A Delicious Sauce You'll Want To Pour On Your Rice

Each tray is good for sharing!
The litson baka (roast beef) craze has got to be one of the best food trends that happened this year, especially if you absolutely love and have an appetite for meat. It started with Andok’s then followed by the likes of Rico’s Lechon and ...

Litson Baka Recipes: All The Different Ways You Can Make Litson Baka

Recreate this trendy food item at home.
Succulent litson baka has been all over social media, nudging people to get that mobile phone and order a serving or two. Have you alsothought about making your own litson baka at home? Order a chunk of beef instead and make one yourself. You have your choice between ...

Andok's vs. Rico's Litson Baka: Which One Is Better?

Who’s the Winner of the Litson Baka War?
If you're on social media, you've probably heard about Andok's Litson Baka You've probably even tasted it already. With Andok's latest product sweeping the nation, Rico's Lechon has stepped up to the plate to get a slice of the pie. Now, the big question ...

Here's Another Lechon Baka You Need To Try

Lechon baka is here to stay.
It seems lechon baka isn't going anywhere—at least not for now—with more versions of the roast meat popping up left and right. One example is this Litson Baka by Parañaque-based delivery shop Let's Get Litson from cloud kitchen Kraver's Canteen, which promises ...

LIST: Where To Order Litson Baka

There's more than one place where you can order this dish.
The flavorful, juicy litson baka (also called lechon baka), or roast beef can definitely be considered a big, viral food trend during the pandemic, alongside sushi bake, strawberry doughnut sandwiches, and minimalist cakes. This trended when Andok's launched their Litson Baka that has the same ...

The Lechon Baka Craze Continues With Rico's Lechon's Newest Item On The Menu

It's available in a spicy version, too!
The litson baka trend isn't over just yet! Rico's Lechon, one of the famous places where you can order juicy lechon, is joining the food trend with the newest item on their menu: Lechon Baka.Rico's Lechon Baka is made with tender, juicy, and smoky roasted ...
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