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These Lechon Pork Belly Recipes Will Make Lechon Dishes With Crispy Skin

Learn different ways to ensure that roast pork is crunchy every time.
When you hear "lechon", do you think of the roasted whole pig with its glistening reddish skin on a rotating spit over hot charcoal? Can you imagine how crisp that pork skin would be when a knife cuts through it to carve chunks and slices of succulent ...

Here's Where You Can Score Lechon Belly That's Good For Sharing For As Low As P275

Two of their bestsellers are the Lechon Belly Sinigang and Lechon Belly Kare-Kare.
When was the last time you had lechon? If you miss that loud, audible crunch when you munch on the skin and sink your teeth into lechon meat that's tender and juicy, Lechoneria should be on your radar. Lechoneriahas a wide range of lechon sets and ...

Need Lechon And Fried Chicken For Noche Buena? This Restaurant Has It!

They also have ragu, croquettes, and porchetta!
As cliche as it may sound, Christmas is indeed the most wonderful time of the year, especially with all the Christmas food that's bound to end up on our plate. If you haven't finalized your Noche Buena menu, Mimi & Bros is ...
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