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Recipes For Your Lechon Craving That Don't Cost A Fortune

It's easier to make it yourself than the to shell out so much cash.
Layers of crispy, delicious pork skin with flavorful, slightly sweet fat and tender, juicy meat—what’s not to love about lechon?Lechon—it’s so good that people will go to parties they don’t want to go just to get some of it. For most of ...

These Recipes Make Lechon Kawali Better

Fried liempo is irresistable. Imagine it made tastier.
We have a few ideas on how to change it up and it may change your life. Lechon kawali isn't always tasty on its own. That's why it's usually served with lechon sauce. However, you won't need that sauce with this recipe! Bagoong makes this lechon kawali recipe ...

These Are All The Lechon Recipes You Need To Make Noche Buena Extra Special

Because lechon is essential for every Christmas dinner table.
We know how hard it can be to think of what to serve for Noche Buena so we’re here to help you out with a few suggestions. We all know that lechon is always a welcome main course, we think you should ...

Lechon Macau Recipe

Crispy pork belly is made tastier, juicier in this Chinese-style version of our lechon kawali.
The biggest difference between the lechon kawali we Pinoys love and the Chinese-inpsired version of the lechon Macau is the way it's cooked. Lechon Macau is roasted in the oven, not deep fried in a kawali or wok. Then, there are the different types of seasonings used in ...

3 Ways To Cook Crispy + Delicious Lechon Kawali

You can satisfy your craving for crispy lechon kawali no matter what appliance you have in the kitchen.
No craving for liempo and lechon kawali will go unsatisfied if you know how to use your kitchen appliances to their maximum potential. Whether your stove suddenly runs out of gas or the electricity goes down, you have a way to cook ...

WATCH: How To Cook Lechon Kawali

Crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy on the inside, this is lechon kawali at its most basic. 
A Pinoy favorite, lechon kawali is tenderized pork belly that's been deep-fried until the outside is browned to perfection and crispy. If you've always to know how the restaurants do it, this recipe shows you the trick to getting it perfectly every ...

Pakbet Fried Rice with Lechon Kawali Recipe

This pork dish combines pinakbet and lechon kawali into one.
Perfect for Sunday lunch with the family, this dish combines two Pinoy favorites: pinakbet and lechon kawali! ...

Lechon Kawali Hash Recipe

Turn crunchy leftover lechon kawali into a breakfast hash!
Lechon kawali can give plenty of texture to your breakfast hash. Mix up this crunchy pork with your favorite chopped vegetables for a tasty dish. ...

Classic Filipino Lechon Kawali Recipe

The classic Pinoy pork belly has beautiful layers of alternating fat and meat that makes it flavorful.
Don't forget to serve this lechon kawali with a tangy dipping sauce on the side! The classic Pinoy pork belly has beautiful layers of alternating fat and meat that makes it flavorful, and a rind that becomes incredibly crispy when fried. ...

Calamansi and Patis-Glazed Lechon Kawali Recipe

Serve lechon kawali with a tangy-sweet glaze!
Lechon kawali doesn't have to be boring. This Filipino pork belly recipe gets jazzed up with an easy-to-make  tangy-sweet glaze! ...

Crunchy Lechon Kawali Recipe

This is a basic recipe for Filipino lechon kawali!
Love crunchy, tasty lechon kawali? This recipe takes you through the basics of preparing this Filipino pork dish. Using simple ingredients such as rock salt, peppercorns, and bay leafs, your dish is sure to fill the kitchen with an aromatic scent. Nothing ...

Lechon Kawali Recipe

This recipes makes use of a turbo broiler, cutting cooking time to less than two hours.
Lechon kawali is a Filipino pork belly dish which requires boiling marinated pork belly, freezing it overnight, then deep-frying prior to serving. This lechon kawali recipe makes use of a turbo broiler, which cuts down on cooking time. ...

Pinakbet Rice with Lechon Kawali Bits

This pinakbet rice is enhanced by tasty lechon kawali bits.
Enhance the taste of pinakbet by mixing it with lechon kawal bits. For sure, everyone in the family will love it. You can also try  Grilled Pinakbet Salad. This rice dish will surely satisfy your cravings. ...
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