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Get Lechon Sisig and More at the New Branch of General's Lechon

Time to pig out!
Sometimes, the best things are the ones that are hardest to find—like General's Lechon and their easy-to-miss, low-key store at a gasoline station in Makati City. But, that might not be the case anymore, at least for folks near Uptown Bonifacio because ...

You Should Try These Sisig Dishes From Around The Philippines

You've never had sisig like this before!
Sisig is a popular Kapampangan crispy pork dish usually made from a pig’s head and liver and seasoned with calamansi and chili peppers. It is marinated with soy sauce and vinegar to give it its distinct well-rounded umami flavor. Sisig is usually served ...

There's Such A Thing As Lechon Sisig!

Just keep it a secret from your doctor.
Imagine having lechon so often that you get tired of it, and you actually dread seeing it once again on the dining table. It seems strange for anyone who only has the roast pig on special occasions, say Christmas or a party for ...

Lechon Sisig Recipe

Take sisig to the next level with crunchy lechon kawali!
Take Pinoy sisig to the next level with crunchy lechon kawali! You can fry pork belly until crispy or simply use leftover lechon kawali to create a tasty dish.  ...
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