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Quarantine Meal Plan: Cooking For Two

Make it easy but tasty.
Running out of meal ideas and getting tired of cooking the same thing over and over again? We made a list that offers ways you can use your available ingredients to the best of their ability to feed you something delicious, despite only containing a ...

WATCH: This Pork Adobo Flakes Recipe Is Your New Breakfast Fave

Transform your favorite adobo into this crispy version. You'll love the crunch!
Pork adobo may be the most popular of all adobo recipes! It's true that the adobong baboy is undeniably delicious. It's got a super flavorful sauce and tender chunks and you can serve it saucy or a little soupy so you can spoon that flavorful ...

Got Ham? We Have Recipe Ideas To Make It Appetizing Again

Leftover ham can be delicious!
Whether you have leftover ham or not, there is a reason to be extra creative during the holidays. No Christmas dinner is short on food so if you have leftovers, make great use of it the next few days. Here are a few ways we think ...

Adobo Fried Rice Recipe

Make a simple adobo sauce or use leftover adobo to make this appetizing fried rice.
If you usually just toss out the leftover adobo sauce after all the meat has been eaten, don't! We implore you to do this instead: toss it with some garlic fried rice for the most flavorful, most appetizing, most satisfying fried rice recipe you may ever ...

Turn Dinner Into Lunch With These Irresistible Recipe Combos!

You don't need to eat out for easy, tasty lunches.
There will always come a day when you're too tired or busy to make lunch. Whether it’s the day before a big meeting at work or avoiding fast food, bringing your own baon is a practical and delicious problem solver. Prepping can ...

Spicy Noodle Challenge: Here Are 3 Other Ways to Enjoy These Too-Spicy Bowls

If you can’t finish off the whole bowl of Samyang instant noodles, we have some ideas.
You’ve probably seen the photos and videos on social media: people have been trying the spicy noodle challenge and documenting their attempts. Some can’t go past a few spoonfuls and can’t quite finish off a bowl of the tongue-numbing noodle soup. Don’t ...

WATCH: How To Make No-Bake Cake Balls

Leftover cake never tasted (and looked!) so good.
Baking fail? No problem. You can easily transform any cake, even leftover cake which has become stale or the collection of trimmings from your recent cake-baking marathon, into these glam cake balls. All you really need is a little leftover frosting and melted ...

Jam is the Secret to Making the Best Savory Sauces

Use the jam’s sweetness to give sauces more flavor.
It isn’t too unusual to find berries and other fruit in savory dishes. In fact, a dash of berry goodness helps give classic rich sauces a bit of sweet finesse. If you’ve made a rich stew with a deeply savory sauce or ...

Don't Let Leftovers Take Over Your Refrigerator

Use these leftover and storage ideas to save you some fridge space!
The struggle of keeping track of your leftovers and figuring out what to do with them is commonplace in many homes. We’ve pulled together a list of simple tricks to making the most of your leftovers and to keeping your refrigerator squeaky ...
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