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Avoid Food Poisoning: How To Store Leftover Rice Properly

Don't take leftovers for granted.
Food poisoning is one of those things that happen to us when we least expect it. It's an unassuming thing because you don't know you're doing it until you develop symptoms. By then, it's too late.You can prevent food poisoning by not ...

This Cooking And Storage Habit Can Cause Food Poisoning

Just remember to always follow the 4-hour rule.
Do you properly rinse, cook, and then store your steamed rice once it's been cooked? You should because this can be the cause of food poisoning.  Food poisoning is a big deal. This is why preparing, cooking, and even reheating food can be areas where ...

7 Easy Ways To Avoid Wasting Food At Home

Here's how you can make sure nothing is wasted.
Though no one really buys food with the intention of wasting anything, sometimes, it does happen. It can be hard to keep track of what’s in the fridge, for instance, both in terms of the fresh food in the freezer and the ...

Recipes Using Leftover Rice You Didn't Think To Make

Cooked rice is an easy-to-use main ingredient.
Few Filipino households can hold a meal without steamed rice. The backbone of our cuisine, rice is hearty and filling. On its own, ulam can be extra flavorful, salty, and can be umami bombs. Rice tames the flavors and makes the meal more satisfying. We don't ...

How to Fluff the Life Back into Leftover Rice

You can make old rice fluffy again!
Rice is a pantry staple for Filipinos—there is no better starch component to go along with your tasty viands of adobo, kare-kare, and sinigang! Most households often end up with leftover rice. While you can always re-use these leftovers for sinangag (fried ...

The Easiest Fried Rice Recipe

Let a colorful plate of fragrant fried rice greet you in the morning!
Yummy will guide you on how to make this easy fried rice dish. Best served with scrambled egg, bacon or any sausages you prepare. Let a colorful plate of fragrant fried rice greet you in the morning! ...
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