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Shrimp In Sprite Recipe

You only need 4 ingredients for this super fast and easy recipe for hipon.
If you're looking for a recipe for shrimp that cooks quickly but tastes delicious, this is the recipe to make. You just need four ingredients to make this and it's all done in a pan on the stove.  ...

Spicy Buttery Garlicky Shrimp Recipe

These are marinated in soda for extra flavor!
This super simple yet super tasty shrimp recipe is perfect when you're entertaining a crowd! The shrimps or prawns are marinated in the lemon-lime soda before it's simmered into a sweet-savory sauce that makes for the perfect dipping sauce.  ...

Lemon-Lime Soda Chicken Recipe

This easy, whole chicken recipe will feed your family in under an hour!
Did you know you could use your favorite softdrinks in dishes? You can, and it's actually a fantastic ingredient to use in dishes. In this recipe, a whole chicken is simmered in a sweet and savory lemony sauce in a pot. This ensures ...

Why You Should Add Soda Into Your Barbecue Marinade

No pork barbecue is marinated without this important ingredient.
Lemon-lime soda, whatever the brand, is an essential ingredient in Pinoy pork barbecue marinades. It helps create the sweet, tangy, sticky, and charred results that make the Pinoy barbecue a staple in most weekend meals, parties, and family celebrations. While many add it because it’s an ingredient ...
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