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Peri Peri Fried Chicken Recipe

The homemade spicy chili sauce makes the perfect marinade for this fried chicken.
Spicy food lovers will enjoy this fried chicken recipe. It's a marinated in a special sauce called peri-peri sauce. This sauce is actually named after the chili that's used in it: the peri-peri chili pepper.Want more peri-peri sauce to serve with your chicken? Double the marinade ...

Lumpiang Shanghai with Cheese Recipe

Make lumpia even more irresistible with cheese.
Is there a dish that can't be made even more delicious and irresistible when cheese is added? For this recipe, enjoy the juicy meat filling with the stretchy cheese that's mixed in with every bite. Dunk into sweet chili sauce or your choice of dip.    ...

Potato Bread Recipe

Try out this healthy potato loaf!

Batangas-Style Menudo Recipe

This version is drier, less saucy but still super tasty.
Menudo is one of those recipes that you can make in different ways. This version of menudo or pork in tomato stew is drier, less saucy than your usual menudo. It has the usual pork chunks, pork liver, hotdogs, potatoes, carrots, and the all-important tomato sauce.This version also ...

Beef Binagoongan Recipe

Swap out meat for a saucy beef version of the binagoongan.
Bagoong alamang or shrimp paste makes a super tasty sauce! For this recipe, it's the beef that takes center stage in the flavor as the bagoong, eggplant, and sitaw make the dish more fulfilling and satisfying to eat.  ...

Bistek Pancit Canton Recipe

Pancit canton + bistek makes a delicious meal.
Bistek or the Tagalog beef steak recipe is an aromatic and flavorful dish. It's a beef recipe that's loaded with umami. The flavors are from the beef itself and the soy sauce! It's complemented with the calamansi juice that gives the entire ...

Creamy Beef Tenderloin Tips Recipe

This superfast beef recipe wills satisfy your creamy beef cravings!
Beef tenderloin is one of the more expensive cuts but when you want a fast and easy beef cut to cook, you can't go wrong with this one. Make the most of this tender beef cut and make it super creamy, flavorful, and quick.  ...

Easy Beef Pares Mami Recipe

This is beef noodles made extra meaty!
Use our popular beef pares recipe to create a delicious version that's eaten with noodles instead of rice. The mami portion is super easy to make so once you have your pares, you can pile on the noodles and serve it as you like. This is ...

Spicy Kangkong And Tofu Stir Fry Recipe

This stir fried dish is little sweet, spicy, and very tasty!
Tofu or tokwa is a great ingredient in vegetable dishes. It adds a delicious, meaty component that absorbs flavors well and pairs wonderfully with any vegetable. Try this sweet, spicy, and savory easy stir fry that combines tofu and kangkong in a delicious sauce.  ...

No-Bake Homemade Plain Cookie Sticks Recipe

Easy perfect snack for the whole family.
No merienda yet? Whip up this quick and easy recipe to snack on in no time at all! ...

Ribeye Beef Salpicao Recipe

Flavoful beef salpicao that your family will surely enjoy!
Craving for the famous Mama Lou's beef salpicao? Here's a version you can try at home! ...

Creamy Garlic Butter Tuscan Shrimp Recipe

This is a quick and easy shrimp recipe guaranteed to impress.
Want to impress your loved ones with your cooking skills? This quick, easy, and succulent shrimp recipe is guaranteed to leave them wondering if there's a chef in the kitchen! ...

Chicken Mushroom Cordon Bleu Recipe

This rolled chicken fillet is stuffed with creamy mushrooms!
A normal chicken cordon bleu is stuffed with ham and cheese. This one gets a super creamy and cheesy mushroom stuffing instead with a mushroom sauce that you can pour on the chicken and the rice, too. Want to level-up this recipe even more? Give it an awesome ...

Spicy Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

A little spice makes it extra delicious!
Lumpiang shanghai recipes are easy and delicious. These are instant hits at any table and while super tasty, a little heat and spice can only make it even more appetizing. We used siling labuyo and chili-garlic sauce to give these some heat and spice but you can also try stirring in hot ...

Filipino-Style Barbecue Meatballs Recipe

Ditch the sweet and sour sauce. Serve it with barbecue sauce!
Sweet and sour meatballs is a classic sauce for Pinoy-style meatballs. Why not swap the sauce for one that we love just as much or even more: Pinoy barbecue sauce. It's a marinade that is unique because of not one but two ingredients: the lemon-lime ...

Fried Chicken Bites With Gravy Recipe

The gravy is so good, you'll pour it over rice, too!
This easy fried chicken recipe takes advantage of chicken fillets you can easily get from your supermarket butcher. There are no bones to worry about when digging into each juicy chicken chunk so you can happily pop one after the other with no worries. Plus, this recipe ...

Ginisang Ampalaya With Aligue Recipe

Make your simple ginisa sinfully delicious!
This easy stir fry is made even more flavorful with crab fat or aligue. You just need a little bit togive this vegetable dish that delicious crab flavor.   ...

Seafood Salpicao Recipe

This seafood stir fry is loaded with garlic bits!
Salpicao is a fast and easy recipe with quick and savory sauce and loaded with crunchy garlic bits. This version is an umami-loaded seafood feast, with fish chunks, squid rings, and succulent shrimps instead of the usual beef.  ...

No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Recipe

No gelatin! Just fresh strawberry flavor in cheesecake form.
Fresh strawberries are what make this no-bake cheesecake rich, creamy, and super delicious! It also has a generous graham cracker crust and is topped with even more fresh strawberries. If you want to celebrate and adore this berry, this is the cheesecake to make for ...
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