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Rellenong Ampalaya Recipe

Make bitter gourd more delicious with this meaty stuffing!
Ampalaya can be made more delicious and appetizing when you combine it with something delicious. In this case, we stuffed it with a savory and meaty filling that will make this bitter gourd more appetizing. ...

Chicken Adobo with Potatoes Recipe

Add potatoes and let it absorb the adobo sauce.
A classic chicken adobo recipe gets extra delicious when you add potatoes. That's because the potatoes absorb the super flavorful sauce. Since it's chunky, you just made an already satisfying meal into a super filling meal!  ...

Beef Embutido Recipe

Swap the ground pork for beef for a meatier embutido.
The embutido or Filipino meatloaf is a great example of a holiday recipe that you can easily make for other special occasions. The time and effort needed for this dish make it ideal for serving on any day to make it more special. This is made with sweet pickle ...

Bok Choy In Garlic And Oyster Sauce Recipe

Make an easy vegetable dish!
Bok choy is a common Chinese vegetable that is easy to cook. A few minutes in boiling water can be all that it needs! Just add a savory sauce made aromatic with sesame oil and finish it off with a sprinkle of prepared fried garlic ...

Creamy Garlic Chicken Recipe

This chicken is both creamy and loaded with garlic.
What's more appetizing and irresistible than a chicken that's both creamy and garlicky? This easy chicken recipe is exactly that! You'll want lots of rice with this chicken dish! We used boneless thighs for this recipe but feel free to use chicken breasts if desired.  ...

Beef and Mushroom Sopas Recipe

What's better than sopas that's extra meaty?
This macaroni soup or sopas recipe is made extra meaty just by swapping out the usual chicken for beef. With the addition of mushrooms, this easy sopas recipe doesn't need to get meatier or heartier than this! ...

Tortang Talong with Chicken Recipe

Smoky eggplant and chicken is a delicious combo!
Make your tortang talong more filling and delicious. Swap the ground pork for chicken in a recipe version that's lighter. ...

Pork Giniling sa Atsuete Recipe

Recipes using ground pork cooks fast and easy.
Giniling or ground pork is a great ingredient to always have in your freezer. It cooks fast and easily, and unlike pork chunks, there's no need to tenderize it for very long. This is a delicious and easy recipe to make then ...

Tortang Talong With Tokwa Recipe

Keep it vegetarian with tofu instead of ground meat.
Level up your tortang talong with chunks of tokwa to bulk up the ground meat to make it heartier. It's your usual vegetarian eggplant omelet recipe made better!   ...

Chicken Salpicao Recipe

Swap the beef for a salpicao meal that's just as satisfying.
Beef may be classic when it comes to salpicao but switching to chicken is a great idea. It not only makes this recipe just as delicious as the original but also makes it easy to cook. There's no overcooking the beef and chicken absorbs the flavors so ...

Shrimp In Sprite Recipe

You only need 4 ingredients for this super fast and easy recipe for hipon.
If you're looking for a recipe for shrimp that cooks quickly but tastes delicious, this is the recipe to make. You just need four ingredients to make this and it's all done in a pan on the stove.  ...

Peri Peri Fried Chicken Recipe

The homemade spicy chili sauce makes the perfect marinade for this fried chicken.
Spicy food lovers will enjoy this fried chicken recipe. It's a marinated in a special sauce called peri-peri sauce. This sauce is actually named after the chili that's used in it: the peri-peri chili pepper.Want more peri-peri sauce to serve with your chicken? Double the marinade ...

Lumpiang Shanghai with Cheese Recipe

Make lumpia even more irresistible with cheese.
Is there a dish that can't be made even more delicious and irresistible when cheese is added? For this recipe, enjoy the juicy meat filling with the stretchy cheese that's mixed in with every bite. Dunk into sweet chili sauce or your choice of dip.    ...

Potato Bread Recipe

Try out this healthy potato loaf!

Batangas-Style Menudo Recipe

This version is drier, less saucy but still super tasty.
Menudo is one of those recipes that you can make in different ways. This version of menudo or pork in tomato stew is drier, less saucy than your usual menudo. It has the usual pork chunks, pork liver, hotdogs, potatoes, carrots, and the all-important tomato sauce.This version also ...

Beef Binagoongan Recipe

Swap out meat for a saucy beef version of the binagoongan.
Bagoong alamang or shrimp paste makes a super tasty sauce! For this recipe, it's the beef that takes center stage in the flavor as the bagoong, eggplant, and sitaw make the dish more fulfilling and satisfying to eat.  ...

Bistek Pancit Canton Recipe

Pancit canton + bistek makes a delicious meal.
Bistek or the Tagalog beef steak recipe is an aromatic and flavorful dish. It's a beef recipe that's loaded with umami. The flavors are from the beef itself and the soy sauce! It's complemented with the calamansi juice that gives the entire ...

Creamy Beef Tenderloin Tips Recipe

This superfast beef recipe wills satisfy your creamy beef cravings!
Beef tenderloin is one of the more expensive cuts but when you want a fast and easy beef cut to cook, you can't go wrong with this one. Make the most of this tender beef cut and make it super creamy, flavorful, and quick.  ...

Easy Beef Pares Mami Recipe

This is beef noodles made extra meaty!
Use our popular beef pares recipe to create a delicious version that's eaten with noodles instead of rice. The mami portion is super easy to make so once you have your pares, you can pile on the noodles and serve it as you like. This is ...
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