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Mark Your Calendar: Get A 50% Discount On Army Navy Libertea Milk Tea

You have to try their Avocado Cream Cheese milk tea!
Army Navy Burger + Burrito is best known not just for their burgers and burritos—they are famous for their Libertea iced tea, too. In September 2020, Army Navy decided to expand their beverage menu with not just one or two drinks, but ...

Army Navy's Famous LiberTea Now Comes In A Larger Jar!

No, you're not dreaming.
Is it just us but whenever we're ordering food from Army Navy, it just doesn't feel complete without a serving of their famous LiberTea iced tea? If you also can't get enough of their ice-cold brewed tea, you'll be glad to know ...

PSA: Army Navy Has A Buy One, Take One Promo Starting This Week

Double servings of fries and iced tea sound good right now.
As we celebrate the Philippines' Independence Day this June 12, Army Navy Burger + Burrito celebrates this event by treating you to a buy one, take one promo on their refreshing LiberTea and irresistible Freedom Fries.If you want to skip cooking lunch ...

Love Army Navy's LiberTea? Here's How You Can Get A Discount!

Bottoms up!
Burgers and burritos are always in order when in Army Navy, but is an Army Navy meal really ever complete without the delicious, refreshing brewed LiberTea? It has become quite a popular beverage that it gained its own following.In an effort to save mother ...
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