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Pinoy Buko Salad Recipe

This classic fruit salad for Christmas is what you should serve for this season.
A classic buko salad recipe is what you should serve for Christmas. While the buffet table may have cakes of all types, there's always room for this easy, no-bake dessert this holiday. To make this buko salad even better than others like it, this version has fruit cocktail in it ...

Hot And Sour Soup Recipe

This Chinese restaurant soup is easy to create at home!
This hot and sour soup is thick soup with a delicious combination of sour and spicy flavors. The sourness of this soup is from the black vinegar, an aged, woody, and smoky vinegar that's commonly used in Chinese cuisine, while the heat is from a ...

Carne Picada Recipe

Ground meat has never tasted this flavorful.
Flavored with tomatoes, spices, and a bit of heat from jalapeño peppers, this ground meat dish is easily served with steamed rice as it is with chips and pita bread.  ...

Asian Marinade

Best for: Thinly sliced beef, pork, or chicken.
Best for: Thinly sliced beef, pork, or chicken.  (RELATED:  Beef Bulgogi Rice Topping) ...

5 New Ways to Enjoy Local Greens

Eat more local greens using these five recipes you can easily make at home.
Finding new ways to enjoy local greens? Here are five homemade recipes by Lessie Galindo, a cosmetic chemist who loves to cook for her family in her spare time. In the Galindo household, local greens were always served at meal times. Lessie's ...

5 Ways to Make Deviled Eggs

Watch videos on how to update this egg dish with new flavor ideas.
Deviled eggs are very easy to do. There are only two essentials to make this appetizing recipe. First are well made hard-boiled eggs, and second are the spices. In fact, there are only two basic steps to make deviled eggs: Remove the ...

Smoked Bangus Lumpia

We share with you another way to enjoy this unassuming Pinoy fare?roll 'em up!
We share with you another way to enjoy this unassuming Pinoy fare—roll 'em up! Serve your family and friends this delicious fish appetizer recipe of Smoked Bangus Lumpia. Try it!  ...
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