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Reno Liver Spread vs. Reno Potted Meat Food Product

What's the difference between these two Reno products?
Has this ever happened to you: you needed to buy a can of Reno liver spread, you go to its designated aisle, you scan for its signature navy blue and yellow packaging but it's out of stock.  But as you check again for ...

Spread the Word: Reno Is Officially Back on the Market

The FDA has given the green light.
Pinoys everywhere were confused—to say the least—when the Food and Drugs Administration came out with an advisory stating that the popular Reno Liver Spread was an unregistered product on September 16, essentially saying that the merienda staple we've been enjoying for decades ...

You Can Make Caldereta Without Store-Bought Liver Spread

You have to try the other creamy alternatives!
Do you have a can of Reno Liver Spread in your pantry? Don't despair about not being able to use it for your caldereta recipe! Liver spread is commonly used in the local beef stew and while it's the ingredient that makes ...

Hold That Liver Spread, FDA Says Reno Is An Unregistered Product

Sad Caldereta.
Looks like you'll have to find other ways to add flavor to your menudo and caldereta as a popular brand of liver spread, along with other food items and supplements, lacks the seal of approval from the Food and Drug Administration.In an advisory released Wednesday, the ...

Pork Kaldereta With Liver Spread and Peanut Butter Recipe

This is a cross between a kaldereta and kare-kare!
This pork kaldereta recipe is a cross between a kaldereta and kare-kare! Creamy and thick, this kaldereta is made with a twist! It uses pork instead of beef and gets a boost in creaminess from both the liver spread and the peanut butter.You'll ...

Pate-Stuffed Mushroom Bites Recipe

These appetizers will liven up your party spread.
These appetizers will liven up your party spread. ...
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