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llaollao's Christmas Banoffee and Toffeenut Frozen Yogurts Are Back!

BRB, getting some today.
No matter how cold the weather gets, there's always room for frozen desserts. If you want a healthier but just-as-indulgent dessert, llaollao is bringing back their Christmas special sanums for the holidays.Two of the flavors that are making a comeback are the ...

You Have To Try LlaLlao's New Limited-Edition Fro-Yo Flavor!

It has eight different toppings!
Is frozen yogurt one of your favorite frozen desserts? Llaollao (pronounced as yaw-yaw) is a Spanish frozen yogurt brand. Llaollao lets you build your dream frozen yogurt with their wide choices of fruits, toppings, and sauces. On your next frozen yogurt run, you ...
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