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These Lobster Kits Are Coming Soon To Supermarkets Near You

Are you ready for lobster dinners at home?
If you go crazy over juicy lobster tails and lobster rolls (and admit it, lined up at Luke's Lobster on your last trip out of the country), we have great news for you. Pacific Bay Seafood is soon going to bring Luke’s Lobster kits ...

We Can't Get Enough Of This Pizza Topped With Juicy Lobster

You also have to try the creamy pasta!
Pizza and seafood fans, global brand Pizza Express crafted a limited-edition pasta and pizza with Bun Appetit’s sinfully delicious Maine lobster claws! The Lobster Chowder Romana (P895) has a thin and crispy Romana base as crust (it's cooked on a wire mesh). It’s topped with ...

Treat Yourself To These Lobster and Shrimp Rolls

There’s nothing we love more than fresh, juicy seafood.
There's no shortage of places to get some grub, but if you want something that has a little bit of everything to satisfy each craving, The Grid is where you ought to be, especially if you're a seafood lover. To the delight ...

Start Your Week With Unlimited Lobsters At Marriot Café's Buffet

Have all the lobsters you want every Monday!
Lobsters are the epitome of the ultimate dining indulgence. Ordering it is usually reserved for special occasions its hefty price tag and limited availability. If you’ve always wanted to have a taste of lobster, you’ll love that at the Marriot Café, you can ...

Lobster Rolls Recipe

This baon-friendly sandwich is filled with fresh seafood!
Treat yourself to this indulgent lobster roll sandwich. If you can’t get your hands on lobsters, swap them out for prawns or large shrimps. ...

Lobster Pasta Recipe

Indulge in this lobster pasta recipe. Remember: make lobster the star of this dish!
Fresh lobster shouldn’t be overpowered by bold, heavy sauces. Let its succulent meat shine by pairing it with subtly flavored ingredients in this pasta dish. ...
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