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This Philippine Chocolate Has Made Its Way To Paris, France!

Good news for the French!
Locally-made chocolates are making its way to other parts of the world! Theo and Philo, a bean-to-bar artisan chocolate from the Philippines, is now available in Paris, France.In an Instagram post, the brand announced that Theo and Philo chocolates are now available at Kosak Paris, a premium ...

Your Guide To Davao Chocolates + Where to Buy Them

Support local!
Who doesn’t love chocolate? Certainly not us. Locally, Davao has made a name for itself as a source for high-quality cacao beans, with lots of local chocolatiers using these beans to create their bars and more. Plus, a lot of them work ...

KitKat Is Coming Out With Limited-Edition Pinoy Flavors!

Can you guess what the flavors are?
Kitkat has its classics but they’re also known to get playful and produce different limited-edition flavors. The Japanese KitKat flavors already have more than 300 flavors with some of the most unique being the Momji Manju. But wouldn’t you want to try ...

This Chocolate From Davao Has An Ube Halaya Filling!

This box of chocolates is the perfect Christmas gift!
How convenient it would be to have the famous flavors of the Philippines in one box? If you know someone who’s feeling a little homesick or if you want to gift a visiting foreigner friend something proudly Pinoy this Christmas, look no ...

Davao Farmer Makes It Top 20 List For Best Cacao Beans In The World

Auro Chocolate brought Jose Saguban to Paris for the international competition.
"When we found out he made it to the Top 50, we were already ecstatic so we decided to bring him to Paris to receive his award in person. But WOW! Little did we know he would make it to the Top ...

Yes, You Can Have Davao Chocolate Customized For Your Parties!

Time to make your dream chocolate bar come true!
If you’re planning a get-together or special event anytime soon, like a wedding, birthday, or baptism, it’s better to have a goodie bag filled with something anyone will appreciate, like food! When you have a bit of extra moolah to spare, celebrate ...

This Local Chocolate Is Infused With Tanduay Rum

We don’t mind getting drunk on this chocolate.
If you're tired of the same chocolate bars, then you have to try Theo and Philo’s new Tanduay chocolate bar!Theo and Philo, one of the local chocolatiers in the Philippines, concocted a new chocolate bar infused with Tanduay rum. The new chocolate ...

Davao's Malagos Chocolate Wins Five International Awards!

Congratulations, Malagos Chocolate!
Malagos Chocolate, local tree-to-bar chocolate brand from Davao, won bronze awards in this year’s Academy of Chocolate Awards. This year's announcement of the Academy of Chocolate awards brings Malagos Chocolate a total recognition of 34 international awards and 1 national win.This year, Malagos bagged ...

This Local Chocolate Brand Is Opening Their First International Store in Japan

It's about time that our local chocolatiers go global!
There's no question that the Philippines produces some of the world's best chocolates. Just this year, several of our local chocolatiers won awards in the international circle, including Auro Chocolate, who received accolades at the 2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards in the U.K last ...

Why Does a Lot of Local Chocolate Come From Davao?

Here are some fun facts you need to know about chocolates.
There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who like chocolates and those who are wrong. We kid, of course, but if you find yourself wholeheartedly agreeing, then The Malagos Book of Chocolate (P1,500) is a must-have. Aside from telling the story ...
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