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This Local Ice Cream Brand Offers Delicious Ice Cream For As Low As Ten Pesos

You can commonly find this in sari-sari stores!
If you only buy ice cream from the supermarket and convenience stores, you probably aren’t familiar with the local ice cream brand called Dan Eric’s Grand Ice Cream. The ice cream products under this brand are commonly sold in sari-sari stores, bakeries, ...

This Famous Sili Ice Cream From Bicol Now Delivers To Metro Manila

Have you ever tried spicy ice cream?
If you’ve ever gone on a food trip to Bicol, you know that a scoop of refreshing ice cream doesn’t always have to be sweet and fruity for you to enjoy it. Sometimes, it needs a spicy kick. For Manila folks who want ...

You Get Both Cake And Ice Cream In Papa Diddi's New Dessert

You don’t need to choose between your favorite treats.
If you love both cake and ice cream and find yourself having to choose only one for the day’s dessert, this new treat from Papa Diddi’s is for you. Papa Diddi’s is known for locally-made, handcrafted ice cream but they just made ...

Hey '90s Kids, This Ice Cream Has Iced Gem Biscuits!

It has sprinkles and marshmallows, too.
As a delicious reminder of our childhood days, The Lost Bread released its famous Choc Nut, Haw Haw, and Blue Vanilla ice cream in pints so we can enjoy it at the comforts of our own home. Another item that’s sure to bring a ...

You Have To Try This Unique Spanish Bread-Flavored Ice Cream!

It’s both merienda and dessert!
Spanish bread is a panaderia favorite–a log-shaped bread filled with a sweet mixture of butter and sugar, and then coated with bread crumbs. This simple yet comforting bread is typically paired with a cup of hot coffee for breakfast or merienda.If you love ...
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