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The Department Of Tourism Partners With GrabExpress To Deliver These Local Goods To Your Doorstep!

Support local!
The Department of Tourism’s quarterly Philippine Harvest, a weekend bazaar highlighting local products from the different regions of the country, partnered with GrabExpress so you can easily have these different local goods delivered to your doorstep.Need to replenish your stock of fruits and ...

You Can Now Order Baguio's Strawberries From This Online Grocery

Plus, you can help the Benguet farmers with their surplus of veggies and fruits!
According to Rappler, there was a recent surplus of fresh produce in Benguet that led the highland farmers to throw away sacks of fruits and vegetables on the streets, while some just left them to rot and decay. Good news: there's a ...

These Scrumptious Cookies Are Made With Pinoy Pride!

It’s the perfect pasalubong or Christmas gift!
There are loads of cookies out there but very few tell of a bigger story. Manila Cookie Story’s beautiful and vibrant packaging is a feast for the eyes, but it’s more than just colorful tin cans and decorative boxes. Manila Cookie Story also tells ...

These Local Food Businesses Help Out Communities

Let's start patronizing our own!
Mindful consumption is not just a buzzword—it's a lifestyle that a lot of people are turning to and making sure daily choices, including our choices in food items, support businesses that give back. Human Nature supports this lifestyle by carrying items driven by the ...
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