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These Are The Unique Dishes You Can Find In Quezon Province

You can find these in the province.
Summer is usually the time for families in the metro to go home to their provinces or discover new places. The imposed quarantines however have changed many of our immediate plans, whether it is a much-awaited trip, an event, or your annual ...

The Hardinera Is Not Your Typical Meatloaf

It's a cross between an embutido and menudo.
If you've ever visited Lucban, Quezon, you may heard of a dish called hardinera. It's a unique dish that is a cross between the embutido and a menudo recipe and it's a Lucban meatloaf. "Ang hardinera ay isang sikat na pagkain na handa tuwing ...

Skinless Lucban Longganisa Recipe

This longganisa is garlicky, sour, and herby.
What distinguishes this homemade rekadong longganisa recipe from Lucban, Quezon or longganisang Lucban from other homemade sausage recipes is the addition of the dried oregano and paprika. It's a more savory and garlicky recipe that's mouthwatering when paired with garlic rice and fried eggs!  ...

How To Eat Pancit Lucban Like A Local

Lucbanins commonly don’t use any utensils.
Lucban, Quezon Province is a small municipality that prides itself for their delicious food. On any given occasion—whether it's the town’s Pahiyas Festival, a birthday celebration, or something as simple as breakfast, lunch, merienda, or dinner, Lucbanins love to eat Pancit Habhab.It's easy ...

What To See + Eat in Quezon Province in 36 Hours

Consider this your Quezon Province itinerary.
Heritage advocate and cultural entrepreneur Rina Marquez shows us how to maximize a day and a half in exciting Quezon.6:00 a.m. – Take South Super Highway going towards Lucena, which is 136 kilometers from Rizal’s monument. Stop at Sariaya, the town right ...

5 Ways To Cook With Longganisang Lucban

Make use of the delicious flavor of the garlicky longganisa of Lucban to make these appetizing dishes.
Longganisang Lucban are intensely garlicky fresh sausages which originated from Lucban, Quezon. While it’s great served fried to a crisp together with a salted egg and tomato salsa, sinangag, and a sunny side-up egg, this is not the only way to enjoy these savory links.Here are five other ...
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