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Shrimp And Vegetable Porridge Recipe

This healthy recipe is loaded with hearty ingredients.
If you've been feeling under the weather and craving for something warm, healthy, and delicious at the same time, why not make a bowl of this? It's an appetizing and flavourful shrimp porridge with lots of vegetables to boost up your nutritional intake. This bowl ...

WATCH: Here Are All The Soup Recipes You Need

These comfort soups will warm you from the inside out.
 In times when we are feeling less than our best and need a perk-me-up, our favorite comfort food is our go-to dishes.Do you crave something hot and spicy or tart yet super meaty? Does the thought of a chicken soup recipe with ...

KITCHEN TRICK: This Is How You Cook Lugaw In A Rice Cooker

You should be using your rice cooker for more than just rice!
Any Pinoy will tell you: rice is an important part of any meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It's intrinsically part of our meals. Since rice is such a part of our meals, it's not surprising that a rice cooker is a common kitchen ...

Chicken Goto Recipe

Comfort food at its best just got updated!
Do you know the differences between goto, lugaw, and congee? All of these are your basic rice porridge dishes usually made with malagkit rice that is simmered in lots of water to create a gruel. Chicken lugaw is more commonly known as ...

Spicy Pork Congee Recipe

Congee or lugaw is made meatier, tastier using pork and siling labuyo.
Spice up your usual congee recipe with some spicy chili. Make it even more appetizing by using meaty pork instead of chicken to flavor the broth the rice will simmer in.Load this spicy congee full of toppings for a fantastic eating experience ...

Bulalo Lugaw Recipe

Is it a bulalo or lugaw?
Bulalo and lugaw are two dishes that are both hearty, comforting, and delicious. However, just imagine how incredibly flavorful and decadent a dish would be if you mixed these two dishes together? If you can and are salivating at the mere thought of something so magical in your pot, ...

WATCH: How To Make Lugaw With Egg

Even the simplest recipe for lugaw can be delicious and satisfyingly filling.
There are many lugaw recipes that have ingredients that include more than you may need or want. The most basic lugaw recipe should include rice, stock, and seasonings. If you're looking for a simple lugaw recipe that tastes just as delicious as a more ...

Here's How To Tell Lugaw, Congee, Goto, and Arroz Caldo From Each Other

Rice porridge goes by a lot of names, but it’s not just the name that’s different.
If you’ve been confused by the many names of rice porridge, you’re not alone. A lot of cultures around the world have their own version of rice porridge or lugaw. In our country alone, we have many versions of lugaw with different ...

Spiced Pork Lugaw Recipe

Lugaw, or Filipino rice porridge, makes for a delicious and comforting breakfast.
Have you ever paired lugaw, or savory rice porridge, with pork? Serve this spiced pork lugaw dish for breakfast or merienda. Turmeric’s natural coloring gives this savory porridge its bright hue. ...

Chicken Lugaw (Chicken Congee) Recipe

Chicken lugaw, or congee, is comfort food that is easy to cook at home.
Make this chicken lugaw recipe on a rainy day!  ...

Lugaw with Egg Recipe

This classic rice porridge will keep you warm and comfy after a long day.
Nothing comforts like a bowl of lugaw (rice porridge or congee): it's hearty and easy-to-make and makes for a great meal when you're sick. Made primarily of rice, water, and salt, this version has chicken in it, making it a heftier meal. Novice cooks ...

Chicken Adobo Congee

This congee-with-a-Filipino-twist will fill you up and get you through the busiest of days.
Looking for a hefty breakfast treat? This congee-with-a-Filipino-twist will fill you up and get you through the busiest of days. ...
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