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Guide To The Different Kinds of Lumpia

Do you know how many kinds of Filipino spring rolls there are?
The Filipino lumpia is a kind of Asian spring roll, usually fried and rolled like cigars. It can be stuffed with any number of fillings but the most popular ones are those filled with savory pork. There are also the vegetable stuffed ...

Lumpiang Shanghai with Cheese Recipe

Make lumpia even more irresistible with cheese.
Is there a dish that can't be made even more delicious and irresistible when cheese is added? For this recipe, enjoy the juicy meat filling with the stretchy cheese that's mixed in with every bite. Dunk into sweet chili sauce or your choice of dip.    ...

Lumpia Fillings You Didn't Think To Use Or Add

Ideas to stuff into lumpia can range from meat to veggies.
Lumpia filling ideas range from meat to veggies.What is your favorite kind of lumpia filling?There are many kinds of lumpia recipes that you can try and each one may have something different inside. The filling can be a ground meat filling that ...

Chorizo Lumpia Recipe

This has homemade chorizo inside!
Stuffed and super meaty with a flavorful homemade Spanish chorizo recipe, this is an easy lumpia recipe to make!The trick to stuffing lumpia wrappers with a super loose filling like ground meat that refuses to stay put is to chill it and allow the natural ...

Vietnamese Spring Roll Recipe

This fresh lumpia recipe uses rice paper. It's a no-cook recipe!
This lumpia recipe doesn't need to be cooked! If you've never used rice paper before, you'll be amazed at how it's used. All you have to do to use it is to soak the stiff, round, and semi-opaque rice sheets in hot water. The stiff rice sheet ...

Banana Turon in Rum Recipe

Make your turon extra special with this recipe.
Turon is a super easy recipe to make! You coat saba bananas in brown sugar, roll in lumpia wrappers, and then fry until golden brown and delicious. To amp up the caramelized sugar, melt more sugar and toss the cooked turon rolls back in the pan for another ...

Cheesy Pork and Shrimp Lumpia Recipe

Upgrade your lumpiang shanghai with shrimp and cheese.
Making anything cheesy is a sure guarantee that it's going to be a winning dish! This pork and shrimp lumpia recipe is made into a better meal with the melty cheese. It's creamier, meatier, and definitely more appetizing than other fried spring rolls. This is ...

Unexpected Lumpia Recipes You Need To Try

There's more to lumpia than just pork!
Do you love lumpia? Well, it’s time to love it even more with these delicious recipes. These aren’t your average lumpia!Who says you need to stick to pork with lumpia? Use chicken and veggies for a delicious, light twist.Laguna’s veggie lumpia has ...

Lumpiang Togue Recipe

These fried spring rolls are the classic lumpia you may have eaten since childhood.
The lumpiang gulay you probably had growing up was filled with vegetables such as togue or bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, green beans, singkamas or jicama, and shrimps. This lumpiang togue recipe tries to mimic the same flavors of that nostalgic lumpia of long ago ...

Love Lumpia? These Lumpia Recipes Are All You Need

These lumpia recipes are a burst of flavor with every bite!
We totally understand why some people love lumpia because what’s not to love? This crispy and crunchy roll with savory or sweet ingredients can be both ulam or dessert.The lumpia is really a highly versatile dish because you can stuff it with anything: from ...

Malunggay and Fish Lumpia Recipe

Nothing makes you crave lumpiang Shanghai more than the sound of the fried, crispy wrapper.
Is there anything more satisfying than the crunchy wrapper of a perfectly-fried lumpiang Shanghai and biting into the savory, juicy filling that's bursting with umami?Lumpiang Shanghai is usually made with pork, but we put a twist on this classic Pinoy ulam recipe by switching out ...
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