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Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Recipes From The Moms In Our Family

These heritage recipes are heartwarmingly delicious.
Some of the most comforting food you will ever eat is courtesy of a mother's home cooking. These lutong bahay dishes are commonly made with that essential ingredient called "love". It's this that not only makes it super delicious in our eyes but also ...

Here Are Delicious Lumpiang Gulay Recipes To Try

Try these veggie-loaded lumpia recipes.
Whenever you see lumpia, the automatic thought is that it's going to be delicious. These are the ultimate party food made into handy rolls. You can never eat less than just one piece! Lumpia stuffed with vegetables are just as classic as those stuffed ...

Lumpiang Togue Recipe

These asavory spring rolls are stuffed with togue.
Spring rolls are served mainly as snacks and appetizers. I call the savory kind as "lumpia" and the sweet versions as "turon". For the savory lumpia, there are two kinds: the fried ones and the fresh version. The fresh version is called lumpiang ...

WATCH: This Is The Lumpiang Gulay You'll Want Every Day

This delicious crispy spring roll recipe is packed with flavorful and hearty veggies.
Do you love veggies? If you answered "Yes!", then this is the vegetable spring roll or lumpiang gulay recipe that you need in your life. This lumpiang gulay recipe, or vegetable spring roll, is packed with hearty and delicious vegetables. It contains two ...

Lumpiang Gulay Recipe

Itong lumpiang gulay recipe na ito ay madali lang gawin.
Kung mahilig ka sa gulay, magugustuhan mo ang lumpia recipe na 'to. Siksik sa ginisang gulay, ito ay pinirito hangga't siya malutong. Isawsaw ang lumpiang gulay na ito sa sawsawan gawa sa toyo, suka, bawang, at konting asukal para mas masarap ang kain ...

Have You Tried Laguna Lumpia? This Is How They Make It Extra Delicious

In Laguna, this ingredient makes this lumpia sweeter.
There are many kinds of lumpia recipes in the Philippines.There is the meaty lumpiang Shanghai that no party is ever without, the fresh lumpiang ubod that is made of banana heart wrapped in a fresh lumpia wrapper, the lumpiang gulay or vegetable spring roll which is packed ...
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