Cheesy Pork and Shrimp Lumpia Recipe

Upgrade your lumpiang shanghai with shrimp and cheese.
Making anything cheesy is a sure guarantee that it's going to be a winning dish! This pork and shrimp lumpia recipe is made into a better meal with the melty cheese. It's creamier, meatier, and definitely more appetizing than other fried spring rolls. This is ...

Laguna-Style Beef Lumpia Recipe

Laguna lumpia uses sweet potatoes in its lumpia recipe.
The Laguna-style lumpia is unique among lumpiang gulay recipes since it uses no togue in its filling. These fried spring rolls contain sweet potatoes instead.  ...

Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Subukang lutuin ang sikat na putahe na pang handaan!
Ang Lumpiang Shanghai ay sikat na putahe sa kahit anong okasyon, kaya ang madaling recipe na ito ang iyong kailangan para makagawa ng masarap na pritong spring roll.Ano pa ang kailangan mo para madagdagan pa ang masarap nang lumpiang Shanghai recipe?Mayroon itong ...

All The Tips You Need To Make Great Lumpia

Make a delicious batch every time.
There's no right or wrong ingredient when it comes to lumpia. After all, lumpia is made with a mixture of ingredients that you think are good together. The question that you should be asking is this: what can make it even better? We have a few ...

Lumpia Is The Best Finger Food For Every Occasion

These are the lumpia recipes you will need every day, any day.
Lumpia is a classic dish that's a common sight on most tables in Filipino homes, from everyday meals to the grandest parties. Whether it’s filled with humble vegetables or the juiciest meat, these simple rolls are enjoyed and beloved whatever the occasion. There ...

Lumpiang Shanghai

Bite into these crunchy lumpiang shanghai!
A party will not be complete without these fried treats!  ...

WATCH: How to Make Fried Lumpia

This Pinoy party staple is easy to make!
The Pinoy fried lumpia is composed of stir-fried pork-and-veggie mixture, wrapped in lumpia wrappers made of flour, eggs, and water. It's usually served with a sweet and sour sauce.  This party staple is easy to make: just mix all the veggies with ...

Tuna Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

Surprise everyone with this take on lumpia: tuna is used in the creamy filling!
Lumpiang shanghai is a Pinoy party staple but you can change it up by experimenting with the filling. Surprise everyone with this take on lumpia: tuna is used in the creamy filling! ...

Lumpia Recipe

An heirloom family recipe for lumpia from Chef Giney Villar of Adarna Food and Culture.
Lumpiang Shanghai is the perfect dish for any occasion, so this basic lumpia recipe is all you really need to make a delicious fried spring roll recipe. It has pork, shrimp, celery, and carrots, and even singkamas to ensure that every bite is a delicious ...
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