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Enjoy A Hotel Lunch Buffet For Two For Only P2,020

Bring a friend on Mondays!
What are your travel goals this year? If you're a little far from reaching those goals on your bucket list, Marriott Manila has a lunch buffet promo for two that can pretty much give you a taste of famous dishes from different countries ...

You Can Make These Baon Recipes Ahead Of Time

Nothing is as satisfying as a rice meal for baon!
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as rice and ulam. In the middle of a busy day at work or school, a good rice meal with a bold-flavored dish tastes like the best stress-reliever. We're certain that these packed lunch recipes are sure to make your ...

The Easiest Chicken Recipes To Add To Your Weekly Baon Plan

These recipes take 40 minutes or less to make!
Chicken is such an easy solution to life’s daily meals. It’s tasty, universally loved, and easy to cook! Another great thing about them is that they usually do so well for baon. So if you're looking for something easy and quick to ...

17 Roast Chicken Recipes For The Perfect Baon

These tender flavorful chicken dishes are perfect for all your lunches.
There are plenty of ways to cook your chicken but one of the healthiest, most delicious ways, has to be roasting! Another great reason to roast more chicken is that it cooks up a bulk of chicken in one go, making it ...

Turn Dinner Into Lunch With These Irresistible Recipe Combos!

You don't need to eat out for easy, tasty lunches.
There will always come a day when you're too tired or busy to make lunch. Whether it’s the day before a big meeting at work or avoiding fast food, bringing your own baon is a practical and delicious problem solver. Prepping can ...

Make Baon Prep Stress-Free With These Meal Kits

These meal kits are coming to your rescue.
We all know that we want to make delicious, made-from-scratch meals. But when pressed for time in the morning, making sure that both breakfast and packed lunches are scrumptious and nutritious can be challenging and stressful. This new meal kit is out to ...

Baon on a Budget: One Week of Recipes + a Shopping List

Some dishes cost under P13 per serving!
When it comes to baon, or packed lunches, many things come into play: the meal should be affordable, easy to pack, easy to eat, and should be able to last a few hours tucked away into a brown bag instead of, like ...

Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe

These soft and moist cupcakes have a colorful surprise inside!
These soft and moist cupcakes have a colourful surprise inside! Keep it simple by topping it with a light vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.  ...

Your 5-Day Baon Guide

We picked out easy-to-do recipes for the workweek.
.Tired of fast food, tasteless options in your office cafeteria, or pricey restaurant food? Make your own lunch at home—it’s far less expensive and you can make your office meals more enjoyable. Here, 5 easy recipes for the workweek:Crab CakesYou can serve ...

Pasta with Garlic and Shrimp Paste

This pasta dish consists of just five main ingredients: pasta, garlic, butter, olive oil, and Thai shrimp paste.
This consists of just five main ingredients: pasta, garlic, butter, olive oil, and Thai shrimp paste. Do not let the Asian twist throw you off - the balance of flavors from the fermented shrimp and the garlic is what makes this dish ...

Beef Bulgogi Rice Topping

With just five ingredients, you can whip up a satisfying Korean-inspired rice topping dish.
With just five ingredients, you can whip up a satisfying lunch or dinner. Proof? This Korean-inspired rice topping dish. It cooks fast too! ...

Smoked Turkey and Tuna Pesto with Sliced Apples on Whole Wheat Bread

This has smoked turkey and tuna, apples and pesto, creating complex flavors and textures.
This sammie's loaded with lean smoked turkey and tuna, sliced apples and pesto, all creating deliciously complex flavors and textures.  ...
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