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This Food Promo Bundle Includes Juicy Lechon, Barbecue, And Pancit!

This family-friendly food bundle combines different Pinoy favorites in one box.
When Lydia’s Lechon introduced their Lechon-In-A-Box last year, it definitely made handaans easier because lechon was carved and boneless. This time, they’re stepping it up by matching it with other Filipino favorites like barbecue and pancit. Lydia’s Lechon introduces it’s Lydia’s Family Box!The Lydia’s Family Box ...

This Lechon-In-A-Box Is What You Need For A Hassle-Free Handaan!

Each box can feed 1o to 12 people.
Lechon always transforms a simple party to a grand feast. There is always a whole ritual of anticipation that comes with seeing lechon as part of a spread: “When can we eat it?” and “Who’s going to carve it?” Thankfully, you can now ...
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