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Here's How You Can Make Macaroons Better

Here are ways we know will make it tastier!
There's a difference between macarons and macaroons. While the French macaron is an almond cookie, the macaroons the average Filipino knows are coconut cookies, usually made with egg whites, condensed milk, and the leftover niyog from making gata or coconut cream.   It's a ...

These Fudgy, Ube Macaroons Are Made For The Ube-sessed!

This dessert shop has several ube desserts on the menu.
Any ube-obsessed person should know about Bellefleur by Beatrix, a dessert shop based in San Juan that offers several ube desserts. It all started with the Frozen Ube Brazo (a best seller!), then it was followed by other ube desserts like the Ube Leche Flan and ...

Cheesy Ube Macaroons Recipe

The combo of cheese and ube flavors is such a classic!
Ube and cheese are two flavors that can never go wrong when paired together. ...

New Ways To Make Leche Flan Better

You can make your leche flan taste amazing!
You don't need expert skills to make leche flan! There are many ways you can make it but you don't need to be a Master Chef contender to do it right. You really don't need much skill. If you can break and separate eggs and follow ...

WATCH: How to Make Coconut Macaroon Cookies

We turned your favorite crunchy macaroons into a cookie!
Love everything about crunchy coconut macaroons? We took all the flavors and the textures you love and turned it into bite-sized goodies. Coconut Macaroon CookiesMakes 22 cookiesPrep Time 10 minutesBaking Time 25 minutes3 large egg whites¼ cup caster sugar3 cups niyog, or freshly grated ...

WATCH: How to Make Coconut Macaroons

A drizzle of chocolate syrup takes this classic Filipino-style coconut macaroons to the next level!
Munch on a batch of these sweet and chewy Filipino-style coconut macaroons. You may also drizzle chocolate syrup on top for an extra delightful treat!2 1/2 cup niyog (shredded fresh coconut) 1 250ml pack condensed milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 large ...

Pineapple-Coconut Macaroons

Give macaroons a modern spin by adding slightly tart and sweet pineapple!
We all grew up loving this Pinoy-style dessert treat. Give it a modern spin by adding slightly tart and sweet pineapple! Your family will surely love this modern version of this macaroons recipe. ...
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