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Magnum Just Came Out With A New Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Bar!

This one's for the cookies and cream-obsessed!
As far as ice cream flavors go, you can't go wrong with popular and classic cookies and cream flavor! If you love this flavor, Magnum just came out with a Cookies & Cream bar. Magnum's Cookies and Cream ice cream popsicles are made ...

You Can Now Get Magnum Ice Cream Tubs At This Convenience Store

Summer calls for ice cream!
Manila’s heat has left us longing for spoonfuls of cold, refreshing ice cream. On your next trip to 7-Eleven, make sure to check their ice cream section for Magnum ice cream pint. Yes, Magnum's ice cream—but in tubs!If you’re a big fan of ...

Yes, Magnum Ice Cream Now Comes In Pints!

It’s perfect for ice cream fans.
Magnum’s ice cream often, if not always, gets it right when it comes to quality ice cream. Thankfully, we spotted Magnum’s ice cream flavors in tubs at Landers Superstore!We know what you’re thinking: "What about the chocolate shell?" and "How will that ...

You Will Love Magnum's New Caramel Ice Cream!

Chocolate and caramel fans, this is for you!
If you've been on the lookout for good chocolate-flavored ice cream, you'll be glad to know that Magnum's new flavor is out to change the ice cream game.Magnum is a European ice cream brand known for its ice cream bars that are coated in a ...
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