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Love Mais Con Yelo? Dunkin's NEW Frappe Is Made For You!

Summer isn't complete without mais con yelo!
Summer in the Philippines is best spent with shaved iced desserts with milk, sugar, and different toppings, like that of mais con yelo. If you’re a huge fan of this popular Pinoy dessert, you should order Dunkin’s new Mais Con Yelo Frappe ...

This Huge Mais Con Yelo Is What You Need This Summer!

It's good for sharing.
Halo-halo may be the default crowd favorite when it comes to summer treats but the underrated mais con yelo is also a shaved-ice dessert that deserves some love. If you love mais con yelo, head over to Shari Shari Kakigori House Philippines and try their newly released ...

WATCH: How to Make Mais Con Yelo Popsicles

Turn your fave Pinoy merienda into an icy grab-and-go treat!
Love mais con yelo? Add a few ingredients to turn it into a great summer treat! Also, try substituting the corn with sliced bananas for a saba con yelo version. ...

Love Mais Con Yelo? You Will Love These Popsicles

You will be making these mais con yelo popsicles all summer long.
These mais con yelo popsicles are perfect for summer. You don't even need a lot of ingredients: canned corn, all-purpose cream, condensed milk, and pinipig are all you need to make these fun coolers:Mais Con Yelo PopsiclesPrep time 10 minutesMakes 8 popsicles1 cup ...

WATCH: How to Make Mais con Yelo

Love corn? Make this fun and tasty dessert perfect for the summer!
This mais con yelo recipe mixes both cream-style corn, whole kernel corn, and crushed ice in a glass for a refreshing and tasty dessert. You may add sugar or sweetened condensed milk to adjust to your preferred for sweetness level. cream-style cornwhole kernel ...

Mais Con Yelo Popsicles Recipe

Revamp the classic mais con yelo by turning it into creamy grab-and-go ice pops!
Revamp the classic mais con yelo by turning it into creamy grab-and-go ice pops! Also try substituting the corn with sliced bananas for a saba con yelo version. ...

Buko-Mais con Yelo

Top this tropical treat with a big scoop of ice cream.
Mais con Yelo is a refreshing snack that Filipinos consider an essential during hot summer days. With a basic list of ingredients, this dessert can easily be prepared in minutes! All you need to do is assemble the corn kernels and ice ...
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