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Ube + Cheese Fans, This Maja Blanca Recipe Is Made For You!

Try a different version of maja blanca for merienda.
Maja Blanca is one of those classic well-loved Pinoy desserts. Its gelatin-like texture, coconut flavors, crunchy corn kernels, and the sweet latik topping makes it too addictive for just one bite. The charm of the maja blanca is that its simplicity leaves room ...

Serious Kakanin Fans Need To Try This Biko And Sapin-Sapin

Order for the weekend ASAP.
Most of us grew up trying at least one kind of kakanin or rice cake: The puto or the pichi-pichi that came from the store, the colorful and layered sapin-sapin at family celebrations, or even the biko your grandparents made at home. ...

Everything You Need To Know About Making Maja Blanca

Here's what you need to know about making this classic sweet corn dessert.
Maja blanca is one of the classic Filipino desserts. It's commonly misinterpreted as a "coconut pudding" because of the white-colored pudding. While the pudding is in fact made of coconut, the main attraction of this gelatinized dessert is really the sweet corn bits the dot the ...

You Can Make Maja Blanca Using This Cornstarch Substitute

You can buy or make this easy substitute.
Corn pudding is a common and favorite dessert here in the Philippines. Also called maja blanca, this kakanin is a dessert studded with corn kernels in an almost stark white pudding that's so stiff, it can be sliced into squares. Unlike other kakanin, however, ...

Learn How To Make Delicious Tamales, Cheese Puto, And More!

Try something new for 2020.
Want to learn something new and useful for 2020? Why not learn how to make your favorite kakanin, which you can eventually enjoy for merienda whenever the craving calls for it? Heny Sison Culinary School is offering a Native Kakanin Workshop this February.Heny Sison ...

WATCH: How To Make A Maja Blanca Gelatin Dessert

Here's a dessert idea: take your favorite Pinoy flavors and turn it into a gelatin treat.
Maja blanca is a well-loved Filipino pudding made with corn kernels, corn or rice flour, and coconut milk (gata). We took the flavors you love in maja blanca and turned it into an easy gelatin treat that you can serve over the weekend or ...

Fruity Maja Blanca Recipe

This maja blanca doesn't have corn; it's got fruit!
If you never liked corn in your dessert, then this is the maja blanca recipe you need to try! Take out the creamed-style corn and replace the corn with fruit cocktail and you've just made this dessert more festive.It's a great creamy dessert ...

Maja Blanca Recipe (Tagalog Version)

Gamit ang mais at gata, pwede ka nang magkapaghanda ng masarap na panghimagas!
Ang Maja Blanca ay magaan na panghimagas. Isa rin itong kakanin na madaling gawin sa bahay!Paano gumawa ng maja blanca?Ang merienda na ito ay mayroon lamang apat na sangkap: butil ng mais, corn o rice flour (galapong), asukal, at gata ng niyog. ...

WATCH: Different Types of Pinoy Kakanin

Which one is your favorite?
BikoBiko is a chewy and sweet rice cake. Top it with lots of toasted latik.Puto BumbongPuto bumbong is cooked in bamboo tubes and is usually served during the holidays. Enjoy it with freshly grated coconut, butter, and muscovado sugar.Sapin-SapinThis sticky rice treat ...

This Is How to Make Sure Your Maja Blanca Sets Every Time

Follow these tips and recipes to make a successful maja blanca!
Maja blanca, the creamy coconut pudding that is an easy-to-make favorite Filipino dessert, can be a little tricky sometimes. You only need a few ingredients: milk, sugar, cornstarch, and corn to make it. Easy, right?One problem always seems to get in the ...

You Can Make Kutsinta With Powdered Mix + Water? We Tried These Boxed Mixes!

Plus, our takes on bibingka, sapin-sapin, and puto made from boxed mixes!
We love our kakanin, native delicacies made from rice flour, root vegetables, coconut meat, and glutinous rice, but they're not always the most accessible treats to find in the city.Boxed kakanin mixes are actually available in most groceries (find them near the ...

Maja Blanca Recipe

Mold in individual serving dishes for a fresh take on this light dessert.
Maja blanca is a light Filipino dessert usually eaten for dessert. It's an easy dessert you can make at home! This treat is simply made with four ingredients: corn kernels, corn or rice flour (galapong), sugar, and coconut milk (gata). You get a dessert ...
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