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You Can Make Your Own Ready-To-Cook Longganisa, Tocino + More

Don't want to buy processed pork products anymore? We got your back.
No one can deny how delicious pork is. Its tenderness, and distinct slightly sweet flavor is one you’ll be craving all your life. Recent news however, has made people contentious about buying and eating pork. Whatever you decide on, we think the best ...

You Can Make These Baon Recipes Ahead Of Time

Nothing is as satisfying as a rice meal for baon!
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as rice and ulam. In the middle of a busy day at work or school, a good rice meal with a bold-flavored dish tastes like the best stress-reliever. We're certain that these packed lunch recipes are sure to make your ...

Prep These Meats for Quick + Easy Meals: Tocino, Tapa, Nuggets and More

These recipes make for hassle-free rice meals!
Marinated, ready-to-cook meats are super convenient, we admit it, that it’s so easy to eat it every single day. It's easy to rely on these store-bought processed meats but a healthier option is a to make a quick DIY version of these recipes ...

5 Make-Ahead Lunch Ideas for the Week

Shop, prep, and pack! Baon has never been easier with these lunch recipes.
Meal prep may be the seemingly unrealistic and unattainable feat that only a few can achieve—but it’s not completely true! Preparing meals can be quick and easy if planned ahead. The great thing about cooking your own baon? You can save yourself ...

WATCH: How to Make Overnight Oats

Make this tonight, sleep in, and enjoy a fuss-free power breakfast tomorrow!

Apple and Cinnamon Ensaymada Pudding

This recipe calls for ensaymada, enveloped not only in custard, but in light clouds of meringue.
Take the humble pudding a notch higher with this decadent dessert. Instead of day-old bread, this recipe calls for ensaymada, enveloped not only in custard, but in light clouds of meringue as well. It's a sinful pudding-souffle hybrid! ...
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