Save the Date for Yummy Eats!

You're invited to a cooking and eating fair this May!

White Chocolate Champorado Recipe

Enjoy champorado in a whole new way with white chocolate.

WATCH: How to Make Biko

This version of the all-time favorite Filipino snack or merienda has a delightful tangy twist!

WATCH: How to Make Champorado

Champorado or sweet chocolate rice porridge doubles as a great breakfast option and as comfort food on a rainy day.


There's nothing more comforting than a piping hot bowl of congee.

Coffee Champorado with Pili

Coffee and your breakfast porridge in one bowl!

Coconut Rice in Banana Leaves

The coconut milk gives each bite a subtle creaminess and exceptional flavor.

Chocolate-stuffed Suman

Make this native rice cake using just your rice cooker!

Savory Sticky Rice Recipe

This rice bowl has a fun Pinoy twist: it uses sticky rice instead of the regular short-grain!

Durian at Pilit Recipe

Turn yourself into a durian fan with this sweet, creamy jam.

Bringhe Recipe

Bringhe is a local version of paella, typically served during town fiestas.
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