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ICYDK: Mang Inasal Has A NEW BBQ Meal With Java Rice

This barbecue meal also has a NEW addictive sauce!
We all know that when it comes to barbecue, Mang Inasal's delicious chicken barbecue is the starring food item on its menu. However, did you know that Mang Inasal has NEW pork barbecue meals with NEW java rice and NEW peanut sauce as well? Mang Inasal's ...

You Can Now Take Home Mang Inasal's Chicken Oil

No, you're not dreaming!
If you frequent Mang Inasal or if you've eaten there a handful of times, then you know that their famous chicken inasal is never complete without dousing your fried rice with chicken oil. If you've always been tempted to take a bottle ...

You Can Get A FREE Platter Of Palabok When You Order This Platter Of Chicken

Chicken inasal + palabok for P396.
We're officially a week away from Christmas and that means preparing everything you'll need for your Noche Buena spread. If you plan to order food but haven't figured out where to order yet, you should definitely consider Mang Inasal's sulit promo where you ...

Your Fave Chicken Inasal Place Now Serves A Huge Palabok Platter For Only P199

This platter is good for four to five people!
Do you need to take a break from prepping and cooking meals? Why not order in? Mang Inasal now offers their signature dishes (including the chicken inasal, of course) in affordable family-size meals that are big enough to feed the whole family.Mang Inasal has ...

Why Is Two-Piece Chicken The Maximum Solo Order?

"How Filipinos consume their chicken is indicative of the health of the economy."
Fried chicken sparks joy for Filipinos, especially when it comes in a box with lots of gravy. It's constant whether the economy is booming or on life suport because of a pandemic. There are baskets and barrels for parties but for the solo ...

This Family-Sized Chicken Inasal Platter Is Only P399!

This is available for takeout and delivery.
On days when you’re feeling too lazy to cook for the family, you can skip the cooking and just order in. For fans of Mang Inasal’s smoky chicken inasal, the fast food chain now offers its popular Chicken Inasal in a family-sized platter.Mang Inasal’s ...

Mang Inasal's New Dessert Combines Buko Pandan And Halo-Halo

Two Pinoy favorites in one!
Is PM1 your go-to order at Mang Inasal? A plate of grilled chicken leg quarter and lots of rice with a light (or heavy) drizzle of chicken oil is best followed with Mang Inasal’s icy, refreshing halo-halo. Mang Inasal serves regular Pinoy Halo-Halo ...

Here's How You Can Order Your Fast Food Favorites Using Facebook Messenger

Cashless transactions are now possible, too!
Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), and the food and restaurant brands under its name, just made ordering food and paying for it more convenient and safe. Now, you can order meals through Facebook Messenger and do cashless payment transactions using PayMaya.The JFC brands ...

All The Mang Inasal Ready-To-Cook Items You Can Buy + Where To Get It

Yes, chicken oil is on the list.
Anyone else missing Mang Inasal’s PM1? A plate of a grilled chicken leg quarter, unlimited rice, and chicken oil always hits the spot. If you’re having major Mang Inasal cravings during this enhanced community quarantine, don’t worry! Much like its sister company, Jollibee, Mang ...

Iloilo's Famous Soup Is Now Available At Mang Inasal

It goes well with chicken inasal and rice!
What could possibly make your go-to Mang Inasal order of chicken inasal and unlimited rice (with a drizzle of chicken oil, of course!) better? Well, a hot bowl of soup like Mang Inasal’s Molo Soup could definitely make your meal more satisfying.  If you aren’t ...
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