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This Gorgeous Mango Cream Cake Is Made With Guimaras Mangoes!

Mango dessert fans, check this out.
The province of Guimaras, an island you can access from Iloilo, is known for its sweet yellow mangoes. The province even has a two-week festival to celebrate it. If you want to experience just how great these mangoes are without having to ...

LIST: Where To Buy Different Kinds Of Mango Cake

Mango season is here!
We all love our mango desserts, especially when it comes to classics like mango float, mango ice cream, mango sago, and mango cakes. If you want to indulge in some good mango cakes, check out this list:If you want to try a ...

Meet Goldilocks' New Mango Cake

Mango season is here!
Summer must be the favorite season of those who love mangoes because this is the time when the fruit is sold at a lower price and there are tons of mango desserts popping up left and right. One of the newest mango ...

LIST: Where To Buy Celebration-Worthy Cakes For P500 Or Less

Order something special for the weekend!
As quarantine in Metro Manila stretches on, the weeks and months seem to go by like hours and days can seem monotonous and dull. That's why using your weekends and days off as an excuse to treat yourself or your household to ...

10 Mango Cakes Worth Getting Delivered Right Now

Can't get enough of this sweet treat?
The Philippines is home to some of the world’s best mangoes. Naturally sweet and juicy, these fruits make for especially wonderful desserts—and the great thing is that you’ll find a number of amazing creations from local shops and purveyors that highlight their ...

Cara Mia's Sweet And Creamy Mango Cake Is Available For Delivery

It's back with a new look, too!
Summer (a.k.a. the season of mangoes) might be over, but we’re glad that mango desserts are available all year round! If you're looking for that classic creamy, melts-in-your mouth mango cake, you'll be happy to know that Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato ...

This Cake Is Topped With Sweet, Tangy Mangoes And Hugged With Crunchy Cereal

Mango desserts are too delicious to resist.
You can never go wrong with desserts with sweet, yellow mangoes—it adds a sweet, tangy, brightness to each bite. If you’re always in the mood for mango desserts but you want something different than the usual mango float or mango ice cream, ...

Mango Loaf Cake Recipe

This is your favorite vanilla cake made even better with mangoes.
This easy cake recipe is your favorite cake with a twist. Instead of the usual plain vanilla flavor, the cake has got mango puree stirred into the batter for that punch of tangy sweetness that only mangoes can deliver. To make this cake more decadent, chunks of ...

You're Not Dreaming: Le Sucre Lab Has A New Mango Dream Cake!

You should definitely give this a try!
From the same makers of one of the most popular chocolate dream cakes and the festive Bibingka DreamCake, Le Sucre Lab now added a dreamy treat with well-loved fruity notes. Meet the Mango DreamCake! Get your spoons ready, mango fans! Le Sucré Lab’s Mango DreamCake has chunks ...
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