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Mango Loaf Cake Recipe

This is your favorite vanilla cake made even better with mangoes.
This easy cake recipe is your favorite cake with a twist. Instead of the usual plain vanilla flavor, the cake has got mango puree stirred into the batter for that punch of tangy sweetness that only mangoes can deliver. To make this cake more decadent, chunks of ...

Peach-Mango Gelatin Recipe

Your favorite peach-mango combo is made into a chilled gelatin dessert.
We’ve all been hooked on the peach-mango combo one time or another. These two similar fruits with their succulent yellow flesh complement each other’s flavors so well. If you’re looking for a peach-mango recipe that’s easier than pie, then this is the ...

Mango Mousse Recipe

The Philippine mango's sweetness makes this mango mousse an easy dessert recipe.
You don't need many ingredients to make this easy mousse recipe. The natural sweetness of Philippine mangoes is the perfect flavoring and sweetener for mousse! Just whip cream until stiff peaks, and stir in the mango puree. If you're looking for a mousse ...

Mango Cupcakes Recipe

Fresh mangoes are the key to the burst of flavor in these cupcakes.
Take advantage of the fresh mangoes available! It's the key to these fresh-tasting cupcakes because you get a burst of sweet mango flavor from every bite of one of these cupcakes.  ...

Mango Season Is Here! Here Are All The Desserts You Can Make With The Summer Fruit

The summer is the best time to take advantage of one of the season's most bountiful fruits: the mango.
We're lucky in live in a country that has arguably one of the sweetest mangoes in the world. Mangoes are plentiful during the summer and it's no wonder that many desserts revolve around the sweet mango. If you're looking to find ways to enjoy ...

Mango Cream Torte Recipe

Love mangoes? Make this easy dessert!
This mango dessert is light and refreshing! The best things about these mini mango tortes? They are so easy to make (even your kids can give it a go!), and can be kept in the freezer for up to a month. Enjoy ...

No-Bake Frozen Mango Tartlets Recipe

Need a healthy dessert recipe? These no-bake mango frozen tartlets are low-fat!
These no-bake mango tartlets take less than 30 minutes to make and are made with only healthy ingredients! ...

Peach and Mango Pie Recipe

You can make this mango dessert recipe with wonton wrappers if you can't find puff pastry.
This peach and mango pie recipe is an easy dessert that you can whip up at home. Can’t find puff pastry? Use wonton wrappers instead.  ...

Mango-Sago Panna Cotta Recipe

Cap a festive meal with light and refreshing panna cotta. This one’s two favorite desserts in one no-bake treat!
No-bake desserts are easy and delicious: this one has both mangoes and sago in a creamy panna cotta.  ...

Mango-Chocolate Torte Recipe

This delectable dessert has a meringue base filled with chocolate and mangoes!
This delectable dessert has a meringue base filled with chocolate and mangoes! Don’t you think mangoes and chocolate is a match made in heaven? ...
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