10 Most Popular Recipes for 2014

Cheesecakes, chocolate cake, and mango desserts top the list. Which one is your favorite?

Fleur de Lys Cafe

Come home to good comfort food the way Jackie Ang-Po does it.

Better with Butter

Mariel bakes an all caramel treat--from the cake to the frosting.

Cooking with Beer: 12 Recipes

Happy Drink Beer Day! Here are a dozen ways to eat it.

Top Recipes: More Pinoy Flavor

Here are your 10 most requested recipes this week!

Green Pinipig

Divine Enya Mesina gets down and dirty with this crispy rice grain.

Lucy Torres Gomez

The host of The Sweet Life shares her entertaining and organizing habits. And her favorite food books too.

Easy Mango Parfait

A trick to making easy fruity desserts? Mix mangoes and cream!

Sticky Rice with Mangoes Recipe

Put this Asian dessert on your menu!

Porchetta Stuffed with Longganisa and Dried Mangoes

Stuff pork belly with chorizo and dried mangoes, then bake it in the oven. The wait will be worth it.

Summer Mango Mousse Recipe

Two of your favorite desserts—mousse and gelatin—in one fabulous recipe!

Mango-Tomato-Cilantro Salsa Recipe

Soy sauce adds an Asian twist to this salsa.

Garden Salad with Mango and Prawn Recipe

A big bowl of this will do for a light but healthy lunch or dinner.

Mango-Stuffed Pork Chops Recipe

Prepare this on a weekend when you have more time to spend in the kitchen.

Mixed Greens with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Shrimp, and Mangoes

The raspberry vinegar gives this salad a tarty, sweet aroma.
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