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This Leche Flan + Gelato Is The Ultimate Dessert To Satisfy Your Leche Flan Cravings

They have buko pandan and carrot cake flavors, too!
The holidays are all about llaneras upon llaneras of silky, rich leche flan with a puddle of caramel syrup in the bottom. You definitely can't go wrong with this classic dessert, but if you want to switch it up for Noche Buena, ...

Cheese Fans, Kumori's Signature Cheese Tarts Now Comes As A Pint Of Gelato!

This new dessert is a collaboration between Kumori and Manila Creamery.
Cheese fans, are you ready to add a new cheesy treat to your growing list of favorite desserts? Kumori teams up with local artisanal gelato maker Manila Creamery and launches a gelato version of their signature velvety cheese tarts. Say hello to the limited-edition Signature ...

LIST: The Best Ice Cream Shops That Deliver In Manila

Order a pint or a gallon when you need to chill out!
Take this as your daily reminder to chill. Normally, some breathing exercises and ambient music would be the answer to a little stress, but if you just can't shake off the jitters today, we recommend a thick, luscious tub of ice cream. Ice ...

Chill Out: Manila Creamery Is Now Available On Lazada

You can order their signature flavors by the pint!
Back in the day, our hearts used to jump with joy at the sound of the ice cream man's tune merrily ringing down the street; sometimes the dinging of a small bell from the "dirty ice cream" vendor and sometimes the unmistakable ...

Get Your Icy Dessert Fix: Manila Creamery Gelato And Merry Moo Ice Cream Are Available For Delivery!

Do you miss having ice cream?
There’s no denying how hot and humid each day has been lately. Thankfully, local ice cream brand Merry Moo and gelato makers like Manila Creamery can deliver pints right to our doorsteps!Not only is Manila Creamery’s pints available for delivery, but the gelatos ...

It's True: There Is Such A Thing As Choc-Nut Gelato!

It's your all-time favorite treat turned into a frozen dessert.
Manila Creamery is one of the few local creameries that's worth any ice cream fan's attention. They are known to explore and play around with Filipino food favorites and turn them into frozen desserts. Biko, Mangga't Suman, and Turon are just some of ...

There's A New And Delicious Mango Float In Town!

We just can’t get enough of this dessert!
Anyone else who just can’t get enough of mango float? Well, do we have some good news for you! Say hello to Manila Creamery’s delicious Mango Float Parfait.This sweet and tangy parfait is made with layers of Manila Creamery’s mango ice cream, ...

Leave Room For Dessert: Manila Creamery Has Two New Gelato Flavors!

The gelato makers have something new and delicious up their sleeves.
Trust the gelato makers behind flavors such as Mangga’t Suman and Turon to make dessert something to look forward to.The Manila Creamery team—Jason Go and Paolo Reyes—has certainly come a long way from their early days of setting up booths in various food ...

This Ube Salted Egg Milkshake is the Summer Drink for the Adventurous

Get it at Manila Creamery’s newest outpost in QC: Malingap Food Central Hall.
Known for churning out creamy gelato with creative takes on Pinoy flavors, Manila Creamery also makes fun gelato milkshakes. Can you imagine thick, milky coolers in flavors such as matcha taho, turon, brazo de leche, and ube salted egg milkshake? Their ube salted ...

WATCH: Manila Creamery's Gelato Shakes Are Better Than Yours

Manila Creamery founders Paolo Reyes and Jason Go battle it out in a great holiday-themed Gelato Shake Challenge!
At any given day of the year in Manila, it is completely acceptable to seek retreat from the heat of the streets. You might find yourself seeking said retreat in UP Town Center—Manila Creamery's newest home, where owners Jason Go and Paolo Reyes make ...

Manila Creamery's Brain Freeze is the Best Kind

Plus, they just opened their gelato shop in UP Town Center!
Everyone’s favorite local gelato company has finally set up shop! Nestled in a corner by the cinemas of UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue, Manila Creamery is serving more than just their rich, soft, and creamy gelato.Known for their creative use of ...

A Day in the Life of Gelato Makers

These guys from Manila Creamery keep it *chill*.
Paolo Reyes and Jason Go have just moved into their new office-slash-gelato laboratory.The guys behind the up-and-coming gelato company Manila Creamery have moved their ingredients and sophisticated equipment sourced from Italy to a new home in a corporate building—a far cry from ...
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