MARCH 2007

Honey Ginger Chicken

This sweet-spicy chicken recipe can be prepared ahead of time.
You can prepare this dish ahead of time by deep-frying the chicken until it’s half-cooked. Keep it in the freezer and when ready to cook, thaw out chicken, fry completely until golden and mix with sauce. ...

How to Make a Fluffy Omelet

Before filling up your omelet, make sure they're fluffy. Here's how:
When it comes to omelet fillings, there are limitless options. Café Ysabel's Gino Gonzalez shows how easy it is to make a fluffly omelet. To see more omelet recipes, CLICK HERE ...


For paksiw, ceviche, simply as sawsawan, or any dish you want to give a sour kick, these vinegar variants will do the job.


Find yourself sampling a wide range of vegetarian dishes from different Asian countries
If I am to choose just one favorite vegetarian dish from Longrain’s menu, I’d be torn between the Monggo with Malunggay and the Vegetable Samosa. The monggo is a hearty soup, and thick in consistency unlike how it is commonly served in ...
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