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Marinate Now, Cook A Delicious Meal Later Or Even Tomorrow

Infuse your meats with flavor easily.
Let time infuse your favorite cuts of meat with the intense flavors of a marinade. Marination or to marinate food is the process of soaking food, commonly meat, in a flavorful mix of liquid ingredients to infuse it with flavor before cooking. This is usually overnight or ...

Cook A Big Batch Of Any Meal So You Cook Once, Eat It Twice

You can save some of it.
Do you take time during your week to prepare your meals? If you do, that's fantastic! You're already ahead of people who need to think and cook on a day-to-day basis.If you don't prepare your meals in advance yet, there are ways to do this and ...

WATCH: You Can Use Beer To Make These Delicious Grilled Chicken Wings

This recipe proves you can do more with beer!
Did you know that you may use beer as an ingredient? This grilled chicken recipe uses a marinade with a dark beer. We grilled the chicken wings for the char and while it's a fantastic way to add even more flavor to chicken wings, you can ...

Do You Know The Difference Between Dry Rubs And Marinades?

These are the two flavor enchancers you'll want to use again and again.
When grilling meat, you can use  dry rubs and marinades to add flavors to your meat. If you’re still confused with the differences between these two flavor enchancers, here’s your simple and quick guide on what each is and how to use it:What It Is: A ...

Grilled Jerk Shrimp Recipe

This marinated shrimp dish uses lots of herbs and spices!
Spice things up with these shrimp skewers loaded with Caribbean flavor. Go ahead and skewer on some mangoes and pineapples, too! ...

Grilled Soy-Curry Chicken Recipe

Baste your chicken in this tasty marinade.
When cooking grilled chicken, remember to baste the chicken regularly with marinade. This way, your dish won't be lacking in flavor and the chicken will stay juicy throughout the whole cooking process.  ...

These Bottled Marinades Make for Great Inasal, Barbecued Meats, and More

Strapped for time? Grab a bottle or two of these flavorful marinades!
Short on time and fresh ingredients? Let store-bought bottled marinades come to your rescue! You can use these bottled marinades for roasted, barbecued, or pan-fried meats and veggies. Here are our top grocery picks:1 Mama Sita's Bacolod Style Inasal MarinadeThe perfect blend of ...

Tip of the Week: Marinating Basics You Should Know

Marinades can do wonders for your meat or seafood!
A marinade not only enhances the flavor of meat, but it also tenderizes it. As such, thin slices and smaller cuts of meat benefit most from marinades. Rubs work for large cuts, as with almost any cut of beef. Limit adding sugar ...

4 Ways To Add Flavor to Food

Some of the most delicious dishes are flavored pre-cooking. Here are ways to do it.
.If you think making tasty dishes is just a matter of adding spices and seasoning while cooking, think again. Some of the most delicious dishes are flavored pre-cooking. Here, four ways to do it.Photography by Miguel Nacianceno ...
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