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10 Great Ways to Use Marinara Sauce Besides Making A Pasta Dish

Here are a few delicious reasons to always have your favorite tomato sauce on hand.
Marinara or tomato sauce is a simple concoction of tomatoes, herbs, and garlic but it makes all the difference to so many meals. Buy your tomato sauce in bulk and you’ll always have a use for it. Making your own marinara is ...

WATCH: How to Make Marinara Sauce

Making this versatile sauce is easier than you might think!
Homemade marinara sauce definitely beats store-bought tomato sauce. You can step take a step further by adding your prefered mix of arromatics like bay leaves, parsley stalks, or even cinnamon sticks!  Use it in pasta recipes, as pizza sauce, and in other tomato-based ...

How to Make Easy Marinara Sauce

Here's your guide to prepare marinara sauce at home.
Click on the slideshow to learn how to prepare a batch of easy marinara sauce at  home.Storing tip : This pasta sauce will keep for 2 weeks (if bottled and sealed properly in sterilized jars and kept in the refrigerator). Just heat and ...
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