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This Brunch Buffet Has Unli-Lobsters, Steak, and Lechon

Brunch just got better.
Sunday brunch buffets are meant for to be a long leisurely meal, a pause from the busy week, and a chance to enjoy good food. Just when you though Sunday brunch couldn't get better, Marriott Hotel Manila launches Sunday Brunch 2.0. It's their biggest ...

Indulge Your Craving for Chinese At Marriott Manila's Man Ho

This inspired menu from Man Ho is guaranteed to satisfy.
If you love Chinese cuisine, you'll enjoy the newest dishes at Man Ho, Marriott Manila's Chinese restaurant. Located at the Marriott West Wing, the 136-seater Chinese restaurant has, for the past two years, been serving delicious Chinese cuisine. We know that their recently introduced menu items, part of ...

Seafood Fans, It's Time You Tried These Shrimp Dishes

Marriott Hotel Manila is serving an array of shrimp dishes to support the nationwide Sustainable Seafood awareness campaign.
Imagine fresh, sumptuous premium quality black tiger prawns—called Selva Shrimps—marinated in spicy and flavorful Indonesian Sambal and grilled to perfection. Or shrimps are made into Manila-style sisig. According to Marriott Executive Chef Meik Brammer, “We don’t just serve high-quality dishes but also ...

All the Different Dim Sum Dishes That You Need to Try

Not all dim sum dishes are dumplings!
News flash: not all dim sum dishes are dumplings! Here’s a quick guide to navigating your way around a meaty traditional Chinese dim sum menu: know which dishes to order, and in what order to eat them, too.If you are clueless about ...
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