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Mary Grace Cafe Is Bringing Back Their Tres Leches Cake

Just in time for Mother's Day!
When you're after consistently good desserts and pastries that are a hit with folks of all ages, Mary Grace Café has got your back—they're a reliable favorite for affordable yet quality cakes just about any time of year. If you're looking for ...

Pinoy OFW Shares His Hack To Make A Mary Grace-Style Chocolate Mousse Cake

It's one of Mary Grace Café's most famous cakes!
Mary Grace Café is known for several desserts and pastries, and one of the popular cakes on their menu is the Chocolate Mousse Cake. This is a moist chocolate cake topped with rich chocolate mousse, then crowned with whipped cream rosettes.Karl Blardony, ...

What To Order From Mary Grace Cafe Besides Cheese Rolls And Ensaymada

We have recommendations for appetizers, main course, and dessert!
Mary Grace Café is one of the go-to cafés for when you want to relax and have a laid back titahan session with friends or a chill Sunday brunch with the family. If you’ve ever been to Mary Grace Cafe, one shouldn’t miss ...

Make The Holidays Extra Festive With This Delicious Fruitcake!

The recipe used for it dates back to 1983.
Fruitcakes have become something of a Christmas joke and an urban legend. Say what you will about it, but it will always be a part of the holidays. Mary Grace Cafe, in fact, has these Fruitcakes (P650/whole; P65/slice) all-year-round which makes every ...
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