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What Is Pork Loin In Tagalog And Recipes To Try

This pork cut is perfect for Noche Buena and other handaans!
There is confusion about the pork tenderloin and the pork loin, but if you see the cuts, you'll notice how easy it is to tell the difference between the two cuts. You just have to remember that the pork loin is the same pork cut ...

What Is Beef Kamto + Recipes To Try

This beef cut is for the advanced cook.
The names of the beef cuts in the display case of your supermarket are not always obvious for those who are not butchers, chefs, or even experienced cooks. One of these beef cuts that you might have encountered is the beef kamto. According to "Kulinarya, A ...

What Is Beef Kalitiran + Recipes To Try

Transform this tough beef cut into flavorful beefy dishes.
The biggest reason to love beef is its super meaty taste. Beef is particularly meaty in flavor when cooked right, and it's usually because the meat cut you are eating is one of the tougher cuts of meat. Everyone loves the beef tenderloin because it's soft and ...

What Is Adobo Pork Cut + Adobo Recipes To Try

This unique pork cut makes the best-tasting adobo.
Philippine adobo or simply the adobo has become more popular recently. It's become so popular that Filipino recipes have breached the international scene on social media platforms, from YouTube to American television morning shows. The adobo that they are making however is usually the chicken ...

What Is Beef Tadyang + Recipes To Try

Ask your butcher for this succulent cut of beef.
This beef cut called beef short ribs or tadyang baka is a succulent cut of meat. It's no longer a common cut at the butcher shop but you can request it and we highly recommend you do. However, there is much confusion ...

What Is Lomo + Easy Ulam Recipes To Try

It's got the most tender meat.
Did you know there's a pork cut that is so tender that once cooked through it's ready to serve? The whole lomo or the pork loin has the most tender meat cut: the tenderloin. The tenderloin is always the most prized of all meat cuts whether it's ...

This Is The Most Affordable Meat Cut

Save as much as P30 per kilo!
The Philippines may have the most affordable groceries in the region but that doesn't mean it's affordable for everyone, especially during these pandemic times. When it comes to the grocery budget, meat is usually the grocery item that might use it up the most. Pinoys ...

What Is Pigue And How To Cook It

This is a primal pork cut. Learn how to identify it and cook with it.
Not everyone knows what the different pork meat cuts in the display of the meat shop are. Unless you're a butcher or a chef who should know the different cuts of meat, you may be more interested in the prices of your favorite ...

What Is Beef Shank And Delicious Ways To Cook It

This beef cut makes succulent, tender, and meaty dishes.
The beef shank is one of those beef cuts that you might overlook when shopping for meat. That's because unless you're going to cook bulalo, you are probably not going to be looking for this meaty beef cut. The beef shank or bulalo is ...

How To Cook Beef Misono And What Beef Cut To Use

Learn all about the dish and what beef cut to buy.
Did you know that there is no such beef dish as a "beef misono" in Japan? It's actually the name of a restaurant known for its incredible wagyu beef! So, what's a "beef misono"? It's a menu item on a local Japanese fast food restaurant that ...

How To Cook Beef Brisket And Recipes To Try

This beef cut is a tough cut but super tasty.
If you have ever eaten at an American-style barbecue place, you will know this menu item: the beef brisket (punta y pecho). You may have tasted it as smoked brisket or had it stuffed into a deli roll as pastrami. You might even have had it when ...

This Is the Quick-Cooking Meat Cut You Should Try

It's the same meat cut you find at Korean barbecue buffets!
When you're strapped for time, it's tempting to go for fastfood. A delicious (and easy!) solution: turn to quick-cooking ingredients that will not only satisfy your hunger but are also hearty enough to make you full. Korean barbecue buffets and restaurants have become increasingly popular and you can find ...
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