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This Tokwa Meal Plan Will Keep You Full And Satisfied

Make your meal plan tastier, healthier, and budget-friendly, too.
Tofu can be the heftiest meat substitute you can use as an ingredient. Tofu isn't as expensive as meat so it makes it super attractive to those looking for budget-friendly meals that can be made flavorful as well as filling. These dishes that use tokwa ...

Vegan Oil-Based Pasta Recipe

If you want to lessen your meat intake, this dish is for you.
Try cooking this versatile, meat-free meal! ...

Yes, You Can Eat Delicious Burgers Without The Meat!

Who says vegetarians can't enjoy a burger?
You may have noticed but there are more and more people are becoming vegetarians. More people have just become more conscious of how much meat they are eating or have decided to just eat less meat and have more vegetables. In response, restaurants and ...

Here Are The Vegetable Versions Of Your Favorite Meaty Recipes

You can have a meat-free menu and love it, too.
Choosing to eat more vegetables is a lifestyle choice. There is no shame in trying to eat better and being a more conscious eater! While there is no shame in being and loving being a carnivore, vegetables, too, have a place in our meals. Whether ...

KFC Just Released Their First Plant-Based Fried Chicken!

It's only available in one KFC branch in the US for now.
Living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is not readily accessible for everyone, nor does everyone have the budget to do so. Maybe, that's about to change as KFC recently rolled out plant-based chicken alternatives.It’s a huge leap from being the brand that is ...

Delicious All-Veggie Dishes That Make Healthy Living A Breeze

Going meatless for a meal, a day, or for life? We've got your back.
Going vegetarian for a meal, a day, or as a lifestyle is a good thing for your health and the environment, too. However, it’s no surprise that it can be a difficult thing to do if you don’t know enough vegetarian recipes. ...

This Hotel Buffet Offers Delicious Options For Meatless Mondays

You won't miss the meat!
More local establishments are now adopting good-for-the-planet practices and being mindful of their environmental impact. Grand Hyatt Manila just rolled out their version of Meatless Mondays at their buffet restaurant, The Grand Kitchen. Think sinful burgers, flavorful sausages, and delicious dishes—all sans ...

Meatless Mondays: 6 Dishes to Try

Going healthy shouldn't be difficult.
Going the healthy route this year? We have 6 easy recipes you can try; it will make going healthy (and maybe meat-free) an easy resolution to keep.Egg White OmeletThe deep flavor of eggplants won't make you think this dish has zero cholesterol ...
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