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These Ground Meat Recipes Make Cooking Meals Easier + Faster

Cook meals faster with this easy meat swap plus other tips to speeding up cooking.
We know a few cooking tips and tricks to make cooking your meals faster and easier. One way to cook meals faster is to change your ingredients. There are ingredients that cook faster than others, and it can be an easy swap. The best swap to do ...

Macaroni and Cheese Pie Recipe

This is what happens when you mix mac and cheese and shepherd's pie together.
Shepherd's pie recipes are a fantastic substitute for the usual easy lasagna recipe that you might want to make. A shepherd's pie, however, is usually a mashed potato-topped dish with a savory ground meat mix underneath. It's the ultimate one-pan meal! You may want to take a ...

Sweet and Spicy Spareribs Recipe

Every bite of this will send you to pork ribs heaven.
This perfectly tender pork will spark up your tastebuds. The extremely rich, flavorful sauce is garlicky, sweet, and spicy. It's the perfect sauce to braise with spareribs.Go as spicy as you want! Add more Sriracha or labuyo if you need more heat. ...

All The Creamy Chicken Recipes Everyone Will Love

Are you craving for a chicken dish that's coated with creamy, flavorful sauce?
Chicken on its own is already everybody’s favorite. Add in some creamy sauce or soup and you’ve got a hit. Whether it’s for cold rainy nights, baon, or just whenever someone’s craving for creamy chicken, these recipes will deliver.Mindanao’s coconut curry chicken ...

Homemade Hamburgers For Baon Are Better + Cheaper Than Eating Out

Here's how you can make your perfect burger.
When a burger craving hits, it’s hard to resist. There’s a level of satisfaction only a good burger can deliver. That extra juicy, extra meaty patty, that pillowy soft bread, those choice toppings that make that patty shine—every component plays a part with ...

These Meaty Rice Bowls Are The Answer To Big Appetites

Hefty, satisfying rice bowls always hits the spot.
Rice makes every meal super satisfying and rice bowls are the answer to effortless meals. Our favorite thing about rice bowls has to be the way it catches all the sauce from your ulam for your rice to soak in. No drop ...

Chunky Beef Guisada Recipe

This homey beef stew is chunky, hearty, and delicious.
Carne guisada, when translated, means "stewed meat" and this chunky recipe does exactly that. The beef chunks are simmered long and slow over a low flame until tender and tasty. The tomatoes and the other warm ingredients break down and create a sauce that ...

These Pork Belly Recipes Go As Low as P47/Serving!

All these liempo recipes are under P100 per serving!
Pork belly has got to be one of the best parts of pork. It's tender and easy to cook because it's got the right amount of meat to create the perfect texture for that succulent, mouth-watering bite. What makes pork belly dishes more amazing is ...

Quick-Cooking Pork Cuts You Need to Stock Up On

Want a meaty meal that cooks fast?
It's an easy hack: keeping thinly-sliced pork in the freezer makes for easy-to-make meals. It’s perfect for quick meals because it cooks in no time and can be turned into a wide variety of dishes. Here’s a list of all the pork cuts you can ...
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