Prep These Meats for Quick + Easy Meals: Tocino, Tapa, Nuggets and More

These recipes make for hassle-free rice meals!
Marinated, ready-to-cook meats are super convenient, we admit it, that it’s so easy to eat it every single day. It's easy to rely on these store-bought processed meats but a healthier option is a to make a quick DIY version of these recipes ...

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: These Are The Sweet and Spicy Recipes You Need!

These two flavors together are the best of both worlds!
Of all the flavor combos there are, sweet and spicy is a no-fail classic. It’s a flavor combo that’s good for appetizers, main courses and of course, desserts: you have spicy flavors firing up your palate and sweet flavors to temper the heat. If you love ...

Cook A Big Batch of Ground Beef and Make 7 Dinners With It

Dinner can be as easy!
Making (and planning) dinner doesn't need to be a chore! These ground meat recipes can come together in less time than the usual. That's because the beef is already cooked, and that's half the recipe done already. All you have to do when you've got some ...

These Meaty Rice Bowls Are The Answer To Big Appetites

Hefty, satisfying rice bowls always hits the spot.
Rice makes every meal super satisfying and rice bowls are the answer to effortless meals. Our favorite thing about rice bowls has to be the way it catches all the sauce from your ulam for your rice to soak in. No drop ...

These Bola Bola Meatballs Should Be Your Go-To Weeknight Recipe

Meatballs are easy meats you can cook on the stove for super flavorful meals.
Making ground meat into bola bola or meatballs is just as tasty and easy to cook as a burger. It's also a great and delicious way to change things up when your daily meals have become boring. Here are a few bola bola recipes that you should add ...
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