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Here Are The Vegetable Versions Of Your Favorite Meaty Recipes

You can have a meat-free menu and love it, too.
Choosing to eat more vegetables is a lifestyle choice. There is no shame in trying to eat better and being a more conscious eater! While there is no shame in being and loving being a carnivore, vegetables, too, have a place in our meals. Whether ...

You Can Use Tokwa For These Meaty Recipes

Swap out the meat and make these meatless recipes.
The idea for substituting tofu for the meat in these recipes isn't because you want to eat meatless dishes. We know you love tokwa! Tokwa is a great ingredient and is an underappreciated one that can be used in many ways other than just being fried ...

Pork Nilaga Recipe

Use pork instead of beef for a budget-friendly recipe that's still big on flavor and satisfaction.
Nilaga is a classic Filipino recipe. It's a simple rainy day recipe that is just boiled meat, cabbage, green beans, potatoes, and some fish sauce or patis to make it taste amazing and heartwarming. An easy swap from beef to pork is an easy budget-friendly recipe ...

This Hotel Is Supporting Local Farmers With Its Healthy Menu Options

Eating right can be so delicious!
Sheraton Hotel’s S-Kitchen is all too aware of the stigma against healthy food that it’s neither affordable nor delicious. That’s why they’ve made it their mission to change your mind. While launching their 300-square meter Sheraton Farm, partnering with Nurture Farmacy, and supporting their ...

Yes, Vegan Liempo Does Exist

Attention! Curious peeps and meat-craving vegetarians!
There are plenty of reasons for people to quit eating pork: religion, ethics, health, or environmentalism. Still, once you’ve enjoyed pork, it’s hard to get rid of that craving altogether. That’s why there are meat substitutes you can buy at the market ...

Replace The Meat With Tokwa In These Delicious Tofu Recipes

Tofu is one versatile ingredient!
We know how hard it can be to give up meat. In fact, we don't encourage you to do so—at least not the dishes that contain meat anyway. What we propose is something that can make you fall back in love with all ...
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