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All The Vegetable Recipes You Never Thought Of Making

We bet you didn't think to do this to vegetables!
Vegetables don't always get the love and attention it should get. While meat is always craved, it's vegetables that take the supporting role. In a country with an abundance of delicious and fresh vegetables, you should learn to love your greens, oranges, reds, and even the yellows ...

You Can Use Tokwa For These Meaty Recipes

Swap out the meat and make these meatless recipes.
The idea for substituting tofu for the meat in these recipes isn't because you want to eat meatless dishes. We know you love tokwa! Tokwa is a great ingredient and is an underappreciated one that can be used in many ways other than just being fried ...

7 Meatless Meals That Will Be Ready in 30 Minutes

These fuss-free dishes won't have you spending the whole day in the kitchen.
Going meat-free doesn't need to be boring: a lot of seafood and veggie dishes are flavorful! These fuss-free dishes also come together in less than an hour: Halaan at Tahong sa Gata (Seafood in Coconut Milk) RecipeThis light seafood dish has tangy, spicy, ...

This Meatless Meal Plan Covers One Whole Week of Dinners

We rounded up a week’s worth of meat-free recipes!
Cutting back on your meat intake in the next few weeks? There are plenty of ways to cook delicious, flavorful, meatless meals at home. Our fastest hacks? Stock up on mushrooms, tofu, and vegetables and you’re good to go.MONDAYVegetarian BologneseThis chunky bolognese is ...

These Are All the Seafood Recipes You Need for Lent

Go the seafood-and-veggie route without scrimping on flavor.
If Lent means more meatless meals for the family, don’t fret. Going without pork, chicken, or beef just takes a bit of planning. Give these recipes a try:  1 Seafood ChopsueyThe bright flavors of this seafood and veggie dish will leave wanting for more.  2 Honey ...
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